Everything About The Newest Blackberry Mobile Phones

As one of the foremost leading mobile phone companies, Blackberry mobile phones are among the most successful in the world. Many a popular product has been released since it was created in 1999 by Canadian company Research In Motion. The newest model is the Smart phone and it comes several types, and these are the Blackberry Torch, Pearl, Bold, Curve, Storm, Style and Tour.

The Torch 9800 has a simple all-in-one design which offers a great deal of services at your fingertips. It also has a fully loaded and expandable memory that allows you to use the internet freely and upload anything up to 8GB. It has a quick, browser and media player that many will find easy to use and a camera that offers crisp, detailed photographs and multiple picture modes.

Another choice is the Style 9670 which offers a neat flip design that will sit easily in a pocket or a bag. It has a camera similar to that of the Torch that takes crisp, clear pictures, as well as Blackberry 6 OS and Messenger.

For those who find small buttons hard to use, there is the Curve smart phone, which has a track pad and media keys which some may find easier to use. As all modern phones, it also has Wi-fi and Messenger for a variety of communication options. The Curve 8500 adds to this by giving you easier ways to share media, the Curve 8900 has a classic style and advanced graphics, and the Curve 8350i offers a press to talk mechanism as well as a large display for those who may have trouble using smaller phones.

The Pearl 3G smart phone offers easy typing, a long lasting battery and a style that many will find to be very elegant in appearance. Bold smart phones also have outstanding battery life, Blackberry 6 for ease of use, particularly when using applications, Wi-fi and Messenger.

For those travellers, there is the Tour 9630 as it has access and services anywhere in the world, as well as more media applications. The Storm smart phone might be good for those who have difficulty looking at the screen of a normal phone as it offers one that is larger than usual, as well as being simple to use. There are many deals regarding these phones and among them, a month of free airtime as well as free insurance is offered for your smart phone.

Through available tariffs, you can get a number of free texts, from 250 to unlimited, not mention a possibly generous amount of free minutes for when you are on the phone. Of the Blackberry mobile phones that can be bought, there will likely be one to suit your own purposes, whatever they may be.

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Blackberry Torch Mobile To Supply Better Web Internet Browsing

Torch Mobile was acquired by Research in Motion (RIM) to help them improve the overall quality of their smart phone line but specifically the web browser. With a focus on becoming a product that is better all around the Blackberry Torch Mobile acquisition helps fill that need. Many people remain faithful to Blackberry and the new, improved model line could lead to a larger group to purchase them.

Blackberry has long been known for their email interface on their phones. It is one of the big selling points of their brand. Many corporate users get Blackberry phones for corporate email support as well.

Another strong point of Blackberry is their physical keyboards. They have done an excellent job on manufacturing keyboards that are responsive and well spaced out. This keyboard allows users to easily type emails, text messages, or any other required information. Most of the Blackberry keyboards are QWERTY style but there are some that have the RIM SureType system keyboard, which has two letters per each button.

The smart phones available to consumers today are very strong in the internet browsing department. Blackberry has always done a relatively bad job with their web browser. Other phones on the market excel by having big screens that are high resolution, and have web browsers that are fast with downloading most web pages.

When Torch Mobile was acquired by Blackberry that allowed their technologies to be combined and for them to install a new web browser on various Blackberry phones. The new Blackberry Torch is the first one to be released with this browser and it is much improved over the past lines. This Web Kit browser is capable of working with web pages that have Java script and pull up web pages in a tabbed setting.

The smart phone market is filled with very good choices at this time. Apple has the iPhone4 which built on an already successful phone base. There phone is small, has a good amount of internal memory, and has a top web browser on it. There are many good Android smart phones available for consumers as well. Many different manufacturers and models are being sold at very high rates. There is a heavy mix of Android phones, some with physical keyboards and some without, but they all do a solid job on web browsing.

Many people will get what they have wanted for quite awhile on a Blackberry phone thanks to the Blackberry Torch Mobile acquisition. The Web Kit browser helps Blackberry gain some ground on the iPhone and Android phones that are available. The Blackberry Torch is the first phone in their line to offer this browser and it is taking steps to gain ground for those seeking a better web browsing experience.

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Reasons Why the Blackberry Phones are Fashionable

Blackberry phones have seen an upsurge in popularity not only among its loyal users but also from the media. So popular in fact is this gadget that it has been included in scripts in several movies already.

For those unfamiliar with this phone, a Blackberry phone is a smartphone. It is a cell phone which can connect the user to the Internet fast. It also has a lot of application which come with it as well as tools which are very important for people who travel a lot.

The most popular convenience that this phone can give is to be able to get instant email messages. Normally, one has to open and log into the Internet and access the email, nothing warns the traveller that there is an incoming mail. With the Blackberry phones, once the email comes in the phone will immediately alert the user. Access is instant as long as there is a signal and instant replies to the email can also be done easily.

Another reason for its popularity is that the user does not need a laptop to surf the Internet. Even when travelling in a train or a plane, the surfing can be done with ease. Simply go on the application and voila! roaming and surfing is instant. This is especially helpful if the user is driving and is not familiar with the area. Going on Google maps will instantly give directions to wherever it is that they need to go.

With the Blackberry phones, there is no need for the user to bring along an iPod just to listen to favourite music. This phone also has the same capabilities as the iPod and can store and play all the favourite music files as well as download files from iTunes.

For kids, and the young at heart, the iPod means playlists can be listened to at any time. This is also possible with the Blackberry phones for it can surf and download the music that is searched for. The earplugs can also be used just like the iPod. Again, surfing and listening to music simultaneously increases its popularity even more.

The applications that are included in the Blackberry are not like those of the iPhone but it is close to it. If a specific application is not available, the Blackberry can download it. This should include entertainment, games, maps, news, management, and videos.

This smartphone was the first of its kind and its popularity has not waned through the years. Instead, its popularity has continued to rise, much to the delight of many.

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The Big Draw of Blackberry Phones

The latest and most favourite toy of the jet set nowadays are Blackberry phones. Not only are these phones capable of making calls, but that can surf the internet too, that fact that they are affordable is more icing on the cake.

Blackberry phones have made life much easier and simpler on frequent travellers for it gives them a lot of advantages in terms of Internet accessibility and communication. These used to be very expensive when they first came out but due to the increasing demand and the needs that come with it, the phones are now much more affordable.

Perhaps the best feature of these blackberry phones is their ability to give people the means of instant communication through internet access. These two combined are foremost when it comes to business people who are frequent travellers and those who do internet-based work like those who telecommute, researchers and CEOs who write emails and are frequently on the internet.

These phones are also very pleasing to the eyes – but other than their beauty- people love them for their size as well, they are light, compact and can easily fit into your purse, pocket or briefcase. The units can be used anywhere where as long as you can find a signal from a satellite. These features make them more convenient to tote around as compared to laptops or even netbooks, why the blackberry can even be put on vibrate mode to warn you of calls.

The main and very important difference of the blackberry from your laptop and netbooks is that the blackberry is first and foremost a phone, so receiving emails is like receiving text messages. You open your emails like you would your text messages. Unlike when you use a laptop that you need to monitor your inbox regularly to check for mail.

As a cell phone, any communications through an email can get an immediate response by a simple text message. This is more reliable than a phone and a lap combined, in fact. It can also access mailing lists from the email contacts directory so the sending of the messages can be immediate as well.

Some newer blackberry phones were made with touch screens just like those you see in iPhones and the iPod Touch. They do not have the requisite keyboards which comes as a relief for people with bigger fingers because those little keys can be hard for them to use. They can type on the screen and not have to worry so much about typos.

With the constant usage that it gets, the user has to be weary of battery life since it could run out at an important. Luckily, it is very easy to charge blackberry phones, so just do not forget your charger and you will be perfectly fine.

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How Kids Can Participate The Playstation Move

When kids are looking for a new challenge or activity to take part in, they may consider the Playstation move. This program is connected to the console and is used to provide real motion interaction with games. Kids are enjoying the levels of play and the detail orientated games. When a system is needed it can be found and bought, where the console was purchased.

The move is a program that is compatible with the Playstation. It involves a sensor that is placed around the TV box. The package will come with one hand held controller. The controller will look like a stick with a ball on the end. It is comfortable to hold and handle.

The actual system will include one sports themed game. The sports will offer users a chance to try different things and advance their skills. These games can be played solo, with another player or online. There are extra pieces that can be picked up and used with the different sports.

The games will allow users to create their own profile. This picture will not be a cartoon drawing, but a real picture that is taken using the built in camera. Even the voice can be added and changed to the character profile. Each game will feature an area for the profile character to be used and displayed.

There are many fun games for kids to choose from. These games may appeal to an older crew or a younger age group. The games and activities are interactive, so kids have to move their bodies and their arms to use the system.

Playstation move is a game that is designed for adults and kids. Various games available will allow consumers to pick up the ones that interest and motivate them. With the extremely detailed graphics, every game looks real. Kids enjoy being in the game and feeling a part of what is happening.

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The Apple Ipad Claim Yours Now

Ok so it looks like a very big Ipod Touch, it does just the same as an ipod touch. But the new Apple ipad has so much more going for it that we couldn’t put it down.

Since the release of the ipad demand has risen and still remains very high, Apple are pulling out all the stops to meet demand which seems to be reaching the same sale levels as the iphone 4.

After getting our hands on a free ipad we decided to compare some of the sites offering free apple products.

Unless you have the 3G ipad there really is nothing more than the ipod to do. But its big and better and so much faster than the ipods.

If you like to watch films of you laptop then the ipad is a real must for you. Having one of the best high res screens on the market it’s a real joy watching movies.

Games seem to be more immerse and so much more fun to play games on the ipad than the ipod touch or iphone. Apps are a plenty designed for the ipad and growing daily.

Ok, so how do you go about getting yours free? Well we looked around and found the two best sites which are offering them free.

First off is Freebiejeebies.co, this website has a nice clean design and explains in good detail the requirements which you need to fill to claim your free gift.

The second website is a very long established site called Myfreeiphone.co.uk, this site has been running since 2007 offering consumers the information they need to claim a free Apple iphone.

Both Sites are your port of call if you would to claim a free gift. Simply visit either of the sites and follow the simple steps required which will lead to you getting your free gift.

We gave Myfreeiphone.co.uk a go after reading all the information offered, after six weeks and a few hours on the computer we had a brand new Apple ipad delivered.

Don’t be sceptical these sites really do work and people fail to see past the too good to be true feeling. Well its good to be true and most certainly is.

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How To Have Your Newly Built Website Spotted

In your research to begin an online business you may have learned that traffic is the primary element needed in order to be successful. It is this creation of traffic that makes your website visible to other people and lets them know you are there.

Just as with any offline business your source of “traffic” are the people who will be your potential customers. These people may be looking for what you have to offer, or either are just stopping by for a visit to window shop, or just curious about your website.

This traffic accounts for 70-80% of sales for a business. This figure depends on the types of products or services that you offer however.

People know that a brick-and-mortar store exists and it is unlike having a website or online store, but the concept is essentially the same. With an online store you must let people know that your website exists and this can be done through promoting it through free sources such as classified ads or hiring a company to do the promotion for you.

There are many avenues that you could take. One strategy commonly used by marketers is the use of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. People can find your website through these search engines by using certain keywords.

If you do not use these keywords your website might get lost in the search engines, so it is necessary to use keywords in your website so that search engines can find you and match these keywords.

Another method that many marketers use is networking with other marketers to promote their websites. This can be done by commenting and leaving messages in forums that share a common interest to your own. This creates a general feeling of good will toward one another and one good turn deserves another as people are more inclined to help others who help them.

One more method is the use of social networking sites. You can bookmark, vote, comment and participate in these social networks. They are a good source of traffic for your website because you can communicate with many different people and let them know about your business.

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Claim A Free BlackBerry PlayBook The Day It Is Brought Out

Hot on the heels of the blunder of the iPad that was hailed as the breakthrough of the decennial BlackBerry have been hammering out their own interpretation that is set to stamp all over it and really stir things up in the Tablet PC world.

The BlackBerry Play Book is smaller, smoother, sleeker and covers all the bases that the iPad failed in.

It has flash support that for some cause Apple refused to implement and both front and rear HD cameras. It also has a handy HDMI output so you can link it to your external display.

It’s 1 GHz dual-core CPU powering the ground breaking BlackBerry Tablet operating system implies that it’s going to kick wonderful fruity ass and run smoother than any other tablet PC at the moment.

Individuals have complained about the iPad missing in multitasking so BlackBerry have established a point of making sure that the Play-book does it right and also makes sure that web browsing is uncompromising and smooth.

The issue date for this has been exposed as being early 2011 for the U.S. market with Europe accompanying soon afterwards so there are a few calendar months to wait but this doesn’t have to be wasted time.

Site FreeBlackBerryPlayBook.Co is passing you the opportunity to join an affiliate organisation and help them get large companies new clients and in turn they are ready to repay you with a completely Free BlackBerry Play-book.

Just sign up to the affiliate scheme through them and then refer your allies and kinfolk to any of the offers that are on hand in your control panel.

Every time you successfully make a complete referral the network credits your account with what is known as a ‘Green’ that is worth 20 in on-line credit to you.

When you get enough of these greens you can tell the network by clicking a simple button in your control panel and they will then verify your referrals and order your Free BlackBerry Play-book directly from the manufacturer and have it delivered to your home address.

Good Luck

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Why To Use WP Blog Plug-ins

Plug-ins are basically used to expand the WordPress application. There are a couple of plug-ins which are included with WordPress by default, but most of them need to be downloaded separately.

This is widely available all throughout the Internet, all you need to do is type in ‘WordPress Plug-ins’, and voila, you’re spoiled for choice. There’s no shortage of these plug-ins, what more with new ones popping up every day. Some plug-ins are for fun, some to extend functionality, and some are just plain decorative. However, here are a few reasons why you should use WordPress plug-ins.

First of all, it’s completely free. You’re not going to have to pay a single cent, so why not take up this opportunity to enhance your site? You can download these Plug ins in a jiffy too. Plug ins are there, basically, to make your life a little bit easier. For instance, you can even download Plug ins to keep track of your grocery lists. Or, if you’re running a business, Plug ins can be employed to track expenses or record meetings.

Not only that, Plug ins are simple to use and don’t require any technical knowledge, which is definitely a plus point for people who love using computers but aren’t that technically savvy. Novice users will definitely love this. It’s also easy to install, all you need to do is click on your mouse. Management is equally simple and user-friendly.

As a large number of the people who use WP Blog are bloggers, Plug ins can be employed to share reviews of movies, books, music, you name it. You can watch movies online with the proper plug-in in place. People can also comment with real-time comment Plug ins, thus encouraging more people to come ‘hang out’ in your blog. You can use WP Blog Plug ins to Twitter, Digg It and many more.

Google hits on WP Blog sites very often, thus creating more hits for your blog. These Plug ins can also be employed for search engine optimization activities. There are also a lot of great looking themes which you can use to make your website more attractive. You can put in songs to greet people when they land in your website, although some people actually do not like this. It really is a matter of preference, and how you wish your personality to come across.

Another understanding why using WP Blog Plug ins comprises a avid idea is since there are a multitude of people who apply this software, hence increasing compatibility and ease of use. If there are any problems that you do face with the plug-in, there are dozens of WP Blog forums and chat boards for you to go to answer your query. There is also an ‘Open Source’ community, in which many people visit to look for answers to whatever issues they are having.

Therefore, what you should do now is go online and type in ‘WordPress Blog plug-in’ to augment that online site of yours. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’ll grab more people’s attention. What are you waiting for?

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Setting Up Your Own Blog And Promoting It

Believe it or not, you can make money just sitting in front of your computer. When you start putting time into your blogging you can start increasing your online income. All you have to do is determine how much work you are willing to put into your blog.

If you aren’t willing to put much work into your blog, then you aren’t going to get very good results. And the more work you put into a blog the better the outcome will be. However, there is more to making money than just blogging.

There are a lot of bloggers who just assume because they have a blog it is going to have views. This is rarely true.

Setting up the blog is the easy part. The real work comes in when it is time to start placing advertisements on your blog. The real money comes from marketing the different advertisements on your page.

The tricky part of the whole deal is marketing. When you blog about different advertisements, you will be given a link to put at the end. This link is known as the affiliate link, when people click on it, it will take them to a more information page. When people make purchases, you make money.

One good way to promote your blog is through a paid blog directory. However, there are other methods that are free and can be used just as easily. Like commenting on other blogs and placing advertisements to draw more attention to your site.

Many people make a living off of writing articles pertaining to their marketing advertisements and add a link back to their blog. This is a great way to attract more visitors to your blog. Simply write some articles relevant to your niche and lead them back to your blog.

As long as you keep all of your content relevant, be sure to mix and match with different strategies to maximize visits to your page. This method can be a full time income if it is done right.

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Need Extra Income? Here Are Simple Ideas Anyone Can Do

I bet everyone knows at least one family affected by the downturn of the Global economy. This has left many looking for part time jobs. Others are turning to the Internet to make extra money. But many find out rather quick they do not have the skills or talent to get a web page ranked high enough to earn money.

In the examples below, you’ll find that many of these methods require few skills. The few skills you will need can be learned in a short amount of time. But I’m betting you already know how to turn on a computer and surf the Internet. You won’t get filthy rich with these methods, but many people are learning how to make some extra income from these techniques. The good news is that you can start earning money rather quickly with most of these methods.

One of the most popular ways the Average Joe is making money on the Internet is Ebay. For many years now, stay at home Mom’s and Dad’s have been earning good money using online auctions. They drive around on the weekends visiting Garage sales and Estate Auctions. Some even browse Craigslist for items to resell on ebay.

Craigslist is also another place that has taken the Internet by storm. It has became very popular because it’s free to use. You can advertise your services here or find deals on many items that can be turned around and sold on ebay. There is even a free section where people give away stuff they don’t want. This is an excellent way to find auction items you can sell for a huge markup.

Some of you have special knowledge of programs such as MS Office, Quicken or PhotoShop. These skills are in demand and you can become a Freelancer just by advertising your services on Craigslist or browsing the Forums such as DigitalPoint. You’ll also find people needing your services at sites like elance, getafreelancer and others. More than one person has started a successful small business in this manner.

You can also offer services like Lawn Care, Tutoring, handyman services and many others using Craigslist. Give it a try if you’re strapped for cash and need a little extra money quickly. Who knows, there have been a lot of small businesses started this way!

Should you decide to go the Freelancer route, just be sure to research any opportunity you come across. There are a lot of shady websites out there looking to scam would-be Internet entrepreneurs.

Some people are just really good with crafts. If you’re one of them, then take a look at craft sites like Etsy where you can actually sell your crafts online. This is a very popular site for people looking for one of a kind gifts. You’ll also see people selling their surplus crafts supplies on this site.

There’s no reason that most people can’t make extra money online. All it takes is a little bit of effort, patience and a willingness to succeed. You’ll likely won’t become rich, but you should be able to earn extra money online so you can keep the lights on!

Newbies looking to earn money online have many options. You should first start by reading this project payday review. This is one of the most popular programs on the Internet. It is easy and they offer a $100 guarantee if you don’t make money within 24 hours. Others may be interested in learning how to make money with ebay.

Affiliate Marketers Earn More With Freebiejeebies

Making money on-line using advertising is big business these days, but are you making a living from affiliate advertising?

How many times have you tried to earn some decent money from CPA or affiliate advertising? Freebiejeebies does things different and been doing so for the last three years with it’s members.

Freebiejeebies.co show consumers how they can claim all the very latest gizmo’s and gadgets with very little effort from them.

Knowing CPA marketing and how to benefit from ad-sense will give you an advantage over their members as you already know how to promote links and get traffic flowing to adverts etc.

How much have or had you made using say CPA advertising? Maybe a few pence per survey? How about 17 pounds per completed offer, does this sound a better deal?

Here is a thought, the Apple iphone 4 is one of the most sort after mobiles phones in the last three years. How many people do you think would have one if you said, complete one offer and you qualify to claim a free iphone.

Let me tell you the number is huge, so big that business has more than doubled due the iphone 4 being released and freebiejeebies.co offer the iphone 4 free to all of it’s members who complete the simple requirements.

There is not just the iphone offered as an incentive, members can claim from a huge list of gagdets from ipods to the latest Macbooks. credits are required for each of the free gifts offered.

Knowing a little about Freebiejeebies and how they work you will have to agree that affiliate advertisers can make some fantastic money using this system.

They are also offering great help from a forum which daily it’s members post hints and tips on the latest methods of driving traffic to your websites, this alone is a real boost to your earnings.

Start earning real money and not pennies now by using this fantastic affiliate, incentive based marketing bonanza.

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Apple Ipad Claiming Yours For Free

Are you one of the people who would love an Apple ipad, but like most of us just cant quiet justify the asking price?

Well your prayers may well have just been answered.

Everyone who has not been living under a rock for the past 10 years will know Apple products come with a price tag to make your eyes pop, fear not though there is a band of merry (freebie hunters) who never pay for these products.

When I say free; I really do mean free. A great not so new system is buzzing the internet marketing community and allowing almost anyone to claim these gifts free.

We took time out to see how this site ticks, and how they could simply give away free gadgets. What we found was simply amazing and there claim to be “the UK’s number one freebie website” is nothing but 100 percent true.

To get started on your own freebie journey you are required to sign up and give them some personal details such as your name address and a working email address, these details must be valid as they are used later to verify your account and send out your free gift.

After the sign up process has been completed, you will see you can choose any of the free gifts displayed. You can chop and change the gifts any time you like.

Now you have decided you which gift you would like, you will be directed to the offers page, to qualify to claim your free gift you are asked to complete just one of the many offers displayed; only choose and complete one of these offers.

When it comes to choosing which offer to complete, consider that there are free offers. This means offers such as LOVEFiLM are free to complete costing you nothing at all.

Choosing the offer which suits you the best is one thing, choosing an offer which of free is another. LOVEFiLM is a no obligation free trial and allows you to rent movie’s or games for free during the trial.

After you have completed your chosen offer, you are then required to collect credits (greens as the freebie hunters call them) to gain enough for your free gift.

Gaining the credits required for you free gift may seem daunting, but family and friends are to some degree able to help you out. You will soon find ways of gaining any extra credits you require.

You must be careful not to ask anyone from the same household to join or allow anyone from your computer or shared internet either by wireless or local area network. Doing so will invalidate your claim as this is against the terms laid down.

With all this taken into consideration, you will see that claiming your free ipad is really not that hard. there are some small hoops for you to jump through and credits which you have to collect. But when you think about the free gift you can claim these hoops are really only small steps.

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Great Quote On Triggering Attraction

Here’s a great quote. While reading it, you will learn a lot about what triggers attraction.

“Oglethorpe’s farm stood a mile or so to the south of Bridgewater on the right bank of the river. It was a straggling Tudor building showing gray above the ivy that clothed its lower parts. Approaching it now, through the fragrant orchards amid which it seemed to drowse in Arcadian peace beside the waters of the Parrett, sparkling in the morning sunlight, Mr. Blood might have had a difficulty in believing it part of a world tormented by strife and bloodshed.

On the bridge, as they had been riding out of Bridgewater, they had met a vanguard of fugitives from the field of battle, weary, broken men, many of them wounded, all of them terror-stricken, staggering in speedless haste with the last remnants of their strength into the shelter which it was their vain illusion the town would afford them. Eyes glazed with lassitude and fear looked up piteously out of haggard faces at Mr. Blood and his companion as they rode forth; hoarse voices cried a warning that merciless pursuit was not far behind. Undeterred, however, young Pitt rode amain along the dusty road by which these poor fugitives from that swift rout on Sedgemoor came flocking in ever-increasing numbers. Presently he swung aside, and quitting the road took to a pathway that crossed the dewy meadowlands. Even here they met odd groups of these human derelicts, who were scattering in all directions, looking fearfully behind them as they came through the long grass, expecting at every moment to see the red coats of the dragoons.

But as Pitt’s direction was a southward one, bringing them ever nearer to Feversham’s headquarters, they were presently clear of that human flotsam and jetsam of the battle, and riding through the peaceful orchards heavy with the ripening fruit that was soon to make its annual yield of cider.

At last they alighted on the kidney stones of the courtyard, and Baynes, the master, of the homestead, grave of countenance and flustered of manner, gave them welcome.

In the spacious, stone-flagged hall, the doctor found Lord Gildoy – a very tall and dark young gentleman, prominent of chin and nose – stretched on a cane day-bed under one of the tall mullioned windows, in the care of Mrs. Baynes and her comely daughter. His cheeks were leaden-hued, his eyes closed, and from his blue lips came with each labored breath a faint, moaning noise.

Mr. Blood stood for a moment silently considering his patient. He deplored that a youth with such bright hopes in life as Lord Gildoy’s should have risked all, perhaps existence itself, to forward the ambition of a worthless adventurer. Because he had liked and honored this brave lad he paid his case the tribute of a sigh. Then he knelt to his task, ripped away doublet and underwear to lay bare his lordship’s mangled side, and called for water and linen and what else he needed for his work.

He was still intent upon it a half-hour later when the dragoons invaded the homestead. The clatter of hooves and hoarse shouts that heralded their approach disturbed him not at all. For one thing, he was not easily disturbed; for another, his task absorbed him. But his lordship, who had now recovered consciousness, showed considerable alarm, and the battle-stained Jeremy Pitt sped to cover in a clothes-press. Baynes was uneasy, and his wife and daughter trembled. Mr. Blood reassured them.

“Why, what’s to fear?” he said. “It’s a Christian country, this, and Christian men do not make war upon the wounded, nor upon those who harbor them.” He still had, you see, illusions about Christians. He held a glass of cordial, prepared under his directions, to his lordship’s lips. “Give your mind peace, my lord. The worst is done.””

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Why Feminine Men Attract Tons Of Women

From when we were babies to hitherto social pressures have forced us into the role of being a man.

We were discouraged to act feminine. It’s part of being socialized.

This was dinned into us by our mother and father; by books we read and TV shows we watched; and by our teachers in school.

Perhaps an example would shed light on this.

Take a visit to a local toy store.

You’ll notice that most toys aren’t for boys and girls.

In the boys section you’ll find G.I. Joes, Transformers, and Thomas the Train.

In the girl’s section you’ll find Barbie dolls and Dora the Explorer.

These toys aren’t just “toys.” They’re teaching aids for training kids to become a man or a woman.

If a boy is caught brushing a Brat doll’s hair his friends will most likely make fun of him and call him a girl.

If his mother or father catch him doing this, they’ll immediately take the doll away from him and worry that he isn’t being socialized as a male.

This causes boys and men alike to stay clear of acting like a girl.

There’s nothing wrong with this except that some of the best seducers have developed their feminine side. These men are called “Dandies.”

They bounce back-and-forth between acting like a woman and a man.

In fact, their seductive power lies in that they cannot be categorized as masculine or feminine.

When a person cannot be categorized, they entrance others. We are attracted to those who entrance us.

The famous psychiatrist Dr. Freud famously said that people are bisexual. According to him, all of us are attracted to both males and females.

But but being stigmatized prevents most of us from acting on these urges.

Women are attracted to the Dandy because he is a woman inside a man’s body.

Dandies are notoriously insolent: they have very little need to please people – especially women. This is another facet of their allure.

Here’s a simple guide to turning yourself into a Dandy: learn to pay attention to the smallest details, develop a disdain for pleasing others, and nurture your feminine side.

I want to leave you with a quote from Pablo Picasso: “I am a woman. Every artist is a woman and should have a taste for other women. Artists who are homosexual cannot be true artists because they like men, and since they themselves are women they are reverting to normality.”

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The Charismatic Seducer

Some people seem to have a special something that attracts others in droves – yet it’s not obvious exactly what it is.

Maybe you’ve even had a few friends with this almost magical X factor.

What exactly is it? What’s it called?

The phenomenon I’m referring to is charisma.

Have you ever wondered: is charisma some innate quality you’re born with or is it something you can develop?

Most people think it is an innate quality.

Hogwash – anyone can become more charismatic.

Today I’m going to share two qualities you can develop that will make you more charismatic.

1) Being More Mysterious:

There are two sides to this.

The first is manifesting attributes about yourself that are at odds with each other.

An example of a charismatic political leader with contradictory personality traits is Peter the Great. He was both cruel and kind.

When you have contradictory personality traits people cannot categorize you.

A woman may become angry or frustrated that she cannot figure you out. However, this will spellbound her.

The second part is being uncanny.

If you convince others that you possess preternatural abilities, you’ll be charismatic in their eyes.

This is why cult leaders and some political stewards (in some parts of the world) are perceived by others as possessing charisma.

2) Inspiring Others To Be Better Than They Are:

If you can goad a person into seeing themselves as better than they currently are, they will see you as charismatic. If you can spur them to take action on this realization, they’ll see you as a super charismatic person.

John F. Kennedy was a master at this.

He spellbound America when he said, “It’s not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

He made us think we could be better people then we were.

Here’s your homework:

1) Write down two of your personality traits that are in contradiction with one another. Instead of trying to conceal them, develop them and flaunt them.

2) Whenever a friend is feeling down think of how you can make them see themselves in a better light.

This will work whether you make your money from marketing, advertising, the finance world, selling autos, or something else.

Whether you’re into blogs, gardening, sports, spirituality, religion, traveling the world, being a family man, or health and fitness, this advice will help you.

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Blog Marketing Explained

Blog marketing is one thing that many do every day. Some make a full time living just from blog marketing and others do it as a hobby. Counting on just how life-threatening you are about marketing your blog, you may discover that some aspects of blog marketing are simply something more that you aren’t interested in doing. For instance, if you have a blog that you update and just have as a hobby, you are not barely planning to be worried about how many readers you have, in addition to how many sales you make from your blog. But, if your blog were more than just a hobby, and how you make a salary, you would be needing to know all of these things and more.

Blog marketing is a technique that many use. While not everybody that has a blog markets it an identical way, they all generally have an identical goal. Which is more traffic, sales, and readers. When you have all of these things you were successful in marketing your blog. But you ought to know that just as you have all of these things does not mean that you are carried out marketing. Actually blog marketing is a doesn’t ever ending task. There will invariably be something more that needs to be done, and you will not ever in reality be done.

Marketing your blog comprises of many points all used together to get an identical effect. Such as getting links to your blog or leaving remarks on other blogs. Using SEO which is search engine optimization is one other thing that’s essential in the field of blog marketing. You should use search engine optimization on your blog just as you would a web site. Doing so will get you higher in the search engine results and will extend to a blog that anyone can see that is looking for the products or facts that you have.

Make sure that your blog has the RSS feeds. Having these feeds will permit others to be able to link to you blog. Having many links a large part of blog marketing that you wish to capitalize of as well. When someone uses the RSS feeds from your blog, they are in a position to get the posts that you make, and will give you a link back from their blog, or web site, whichever they posted it on. This is another excellent method to market your blog and will get you the upshot that you are looking for. You can also employ RSS feeds from someone else blog on your blog, and return the favor.

Blog marketing entails many items as you can see, whether you are blogging for a hobby, or a wage is aiming to make a vast difference in the techniques that you opt to use, as well as the outcome. Be sure that you are employing the best systems that will get you the results that you want and that you are seeking. If you aren’t sure what that’s, just wait before you actually start marketing your blog so that you wont be wasting any more time. Wasting time on a thing that you aren’t sure about is almost as bad as wasting your cash money on it. Make certain that you are curious about everything that blog marketing entails is a great idea before you commence marketing your blog heavily.

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How To Write Seductively

Here’s a great quote from The Messenger:

“Peter Blood, bachelor of medicine and several other things besides, smoked a pipe and tended the geraniums boxed on the sill of his window above Water Lane in the town of Bridgewater.

Sternly disapproving eyes considered him from a window opposite, but went disregarded. Mr. Blood’s attention was divided between his task and the stream of humanity in the narrow street below; a stream which poured for the second time that day towards Castle Field, where earlier in the afternoon Ferguson, the Duke’s chaplain, had preached a sermon containing more treason than divinity.

These straggling, excited groups were mainly composed of men with green boughs in their hats and the most ludicrous of weapons in their hands. Some, it is true, shouldered fowling pieces, and here and there a sword was brandished; but more of them were armed with clubs, and most of them trailed the mammoth pikes fashioned out of scythes, as formidable to the eye as they were clumsy to the hand. There were weavers, brewers, carpenters, smiths, masons, bricklayers, cobblers, and representatives of every other of the trades of peace among these improvised men of war. Bridgewater, like Taunton, had yielded so generously of its manhood to the service of the bastard Duke that for any to abstain whose age and strength admitted of his bearing arms was to brand himself a coward or a papist.

Yet Peter Blood, who was not only able to bear arms, but trained and skilled in their use, who was certainly no coward, and a papist only when it suited him, tended his geraniums and smoked his pipe on that warm July evening as indifferently as if nothing were afoot. One other thing he did. He flung after those war-fevered enthusiasts a line of Horace – a poet for whose work he had early conceived an inordinate affection:

“Quo, quo, scelesti, ruitis?”

And now perhaps you guess why the hot, intrepid blood inherited from the roving sires of his Somersetshire mother remained cool amidst all this frenzied fanatical heat of rebellion; why the turbulent spirit which had forced him once from the sedate academical bonds his father would have imposed upon him, should now remain quiet in the very midst of turbulence. You realize how he regarded these men who were rallying to the banners of liberty – the banners woven by the virgins of Taunton, the girls from the seminaries of Miss Blake and Mrs. Musgrove, who – as the ballad runs – had ripped open their silk petticoats to make colors for King Monmouth’s army. That Latin line, contemptuously flung after them as they clattered down the cobbled street, reveals his mind. To him they were fools rushing in wicked frenzy upon their ruin.”

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Seduction Tips – How To Turn Rejection Into Attraction

I’ve got a question for you…

Have you ever been shot down by a woman? – be honest. I, for example, have been rejected more times than I’d like to admit.

For the collective average male, rejection plain sucks. There’s nothing fun about it.

But a select group of ladies’ men actually enjoy being rejected.

You might be thinking, “Sounds like these guys are masochists.” Far from it. They revel in rejection because of a few secrets they possess that most men don’t.

Most men think when a woman rejects them, they are doomed.

But ladies’ men know that what kills most men’s chances with a woman is their reaction to her rejecting them.

Plus ladies’ men have the skills and knowledge to mutate rejection into attraction at their whim.

I’m going to teach you step-by-step how to do this, so the next time a woman rejects you, you can mutate it into attraction.

But first I want to introduce you to some key attraction principles. These principles lay the foundation for what you’re about to learn.

1). Prizability: Women are attracted to men they perceive as the Prize. Prizability is the degree to which a woman sees you as the Prize.

2). The Meta-Frame: Every male-female interaction has a meta-frame or underlying meaning. When you establish and maintain the Meta-Frame that you are the Prize the woman is trying to win over, attracting her becomes as easy as tying your shoe. But when the meta-frame is her as the Prize you are trying to win over, triggering attraction in her is next to impossible.

Imagine talking to a woman and just as things are getting hot and heavy she hisses the all too familiar words: “I have a boyfriend.”

If you interpret these words as her rejecting you and walk away or apologize for hitting on her, she becomes the Prize in the interaction. Bad thing!

If you take her words as meaning her boyfriend is a barrier you have to get past and attempt to prove to her that you’d make a better boyfriend than her current one, once again, you’re setting the meta-frame that she’s the Prize you are trying to win over.

“So how in the world can you mutate the words ‘I have boyfriend’ into attraction?” you might be wondering.

Instead of interpreting the crippling words “I have a boyfriend” as meaning that she’s rejecting you, interpret them as her trying to impress you.

So the next time a woman says, “I have a boyfriend,” try: “Good. In the morning he can bring us breakfast in bed but if the orange juice isn’t fresh, I’m gonna club him.”

One of two things will happen…

She’ll completely get sucked into the Meta-frame that you are the Prize she is trying to win over.


She won’t fall into your Meta-frame but will know that you are unwilling to get sucked into hers.

This will work whether you make your money from marketing, advertising, the finance world, selling autos, or something else.

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How To Write Romantically

This quote from The Secret Garden illuminates how to speak and write romantically:

“When Mary Lennox was sent to Misselthwaite Manor to live with her uncle everybody said she was the most disagreeable-looking child ever seen. It was true, too. She had a little thin face and a little thin body, thin light hair and a sour expression. Her hair was yellow, and her face was yellow because she had been born in India and had always been ill in one way or another. Her father had held a position under the English Government and had always been busy and ill himself, and her mother had been a great beauty who cared only to go to parties and amuse herself with gay people. She had not wanted a little girl at all, and when Mary was born she handed her over to the care of an Ayah, who was made to understand that if she wished to please the Mem Sahib she must keep the child out of sight as much as possible. So when she was a sickly, fretful, ugly little baby she was kept out of the way, and when she became a sickly, fretful, toddling thing she was kept out of the way also. She never remembered seeing familiarly anything but the dark faces of her Ayah and the other native servants, and as they always obeyed her and gave her her own way in everything, because the Mem Sahib would be angry if she was disturbed by her crying, by the time she was six years old she was as tyrannical and selfish a little pig as ever lived. The young English governess who came to teach her to read and write disliked her so much that she gave up her place in three months, and when other governesses came to try to fill it they always went away in a shorter time than the first one. So if Mary had not chosen to really want to know how to read books she would never have learned her letters at all.

One frightfully hot morning, when she was about nine years old, she awakened feeling very cross, and she became crosser still when she saw that the servant who stood by her bedside was not her Ayah.

“Why did you come?” she said to the strange woman. “I will not let you stay. Send my Ayah to me.”

The woman looked frightened, but she only stammered that the Ayah could not come and when Mary threw herself into a passion and beat and kicked her, she looked only more frightened and repeated that it was not possible for the Ayah to come to Missie Sahib.

There was something mysterious in the air that morning. Nothing was done in its regular order and several of the native servants seemed missing, while those whom Mary saw slunk or hurried about with ashy and scared faces. But no one would tell her anything and her Ayah did not come. She was actually left alone as the morning went on, and at last she wandered out into the garden and began to play by herself under a tree near the veranda. She pretended that she was making a flower-bed, and she stuck big scarlet hibiscus blossoms into little heaps of earth, all the time growing more and more angry and muttering to herself the things she would say and the names she would call Saidie when she returned.

“Pig! Pig! Daughter of Pigs!” she said, because to call a native a pig is the worst insult of all.

She was grinding her teeth and saying this over and over again when she heard her mother come out on the veranda with some one. She was with a fair young man and they stood talking together in low strange voices. Mary knew the fair young man who looked like a boy. She had heard that he was a very young officer who had just come from England. The child stared at him, but she stared most at her mother. She always did this when she had a chance to see her, because the Mem Sahib–Mary used to call her that oftener than anything else–was such a tall, slim, pretty person and wore such lovely clothes. Her hair was like curly silk and she had a delicate little nose which seemed to be disdaining things, and she had large laughing eyes. All her clothes were thin and floating, and Mary said they were “full of lace.” They looked fuller of lace than ever this morning, but her eyes were not laughing at all. They were large and scared and lifted imploringly to the fair boy officer’s face.

This will work whether you make your money from marketing, advertising, the finance world, selling autos, or something else.

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How To Charm Girls

Do you know what charm is?

Don’t worry if you’re clueless. Few do.

Most men think bragging ad nauseam about their accomplishments, about all the interesting places they’ve been, and about girls they’ve conquered is charming.

It’s not.

Most women yap on and on about their problems. Save it for therapy. No one wants to hear it. Even worse, it will kill any smidgen of charm you have.

What does it mean to be a charmer?

Charmers are consummate manipulators and often times sociopaths.

However, most people are so worried about themselves that they cannot discern when the charmer is manipulating them.

There’s something else that blinds us from knowing when the charmer is taking advantage of us.

There’s a misconception in our culture that manipulators and sociopaths lack the ability to empathize.

On the contrary, manipulators and sociopaths are masters at empathizing.

The word “empathy” literally means to see where the other person is coming from, to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Although many charmers are devoid of any sympathy, they are great at demonstrating empathy. This is what makes them so deadly.

While most people are only concerned with themselves, the charmer makes the other person feel that he understands them.

He also recedes into the background and allows others to shine.

By doing this he’s playing on people’s biggest weaknesses: their ego, vanity, and self-esteem.

As soon as they drop their defenses and become dependent on him, he goes in for the kill and manipulates them.

I am not suggesting you take advantage of people or mutate into a sick and twisted Sith lord.

However, there are many lessons to glean from studying the charmer. If you put your oversize ego aside and allow women to shine, they’ll become your loyal slaves. They’ll depend on you for validation

In no time, they’ll be buying you dinner and driving you around.

Here’s your homework:

Take a few moment to imagine a person you enjoy being around.

I’m willing to bet these are people who make you feel good about yourself. They allow you to be the center of attention and laugh at your jokes.

That’s how you want to make women feel.

You might be wondering: why? Because when we like being around someone, we will do anything for him.

This will work whether you make your money from marketing, advertising, the finance world, selling autos, or something else.

Whether you’re into blogs, gardening, sports, spirituality, religion, traveling the world, being a family man, or health and fitness, this advice will help you.

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A Very Seductive Quote

Here’s a very seductive quote:

“On a January evening of the early seventies, Christine Nilsson was singing in Faust at the Academy of Music in New York.

Though there was already talk of the erection, in remote metropolitan distances “above the Forties,” of a new Opera House which should compete in costliness and splendor with those of the great European capitals, the world of fashion was still content to reassemble every winter in the shabby red and gold boxes of the sociable old Academy. Conservatives cherished it for being small and inconvenient, and thus keeping out the “new people” whom New York was beginning to dread and yet be drawn to; and the sentimental clung to it for its historic associations, and the musical for its excellent acoustics, always so problematic a quality in halls built for the hearing of music.

It was Madame Nilsson’s first appearance that winter, and what the daily press had already learned to describe as “an exceptionally brilliant audience” had gathered to hear her, transported through the slippery, snowy streets in private broughams, in the spacious family landau, or in the humbler but more convenient “Brown coupe” To come to the Opera in a Brown coupe was almost as honorable a way of arriving as in one’s own carriage; and departure by the same means had the immense advantage of enabling one (with a playful allusion to democratic principles) to scramble into the first Brown conveyance in the line, instead of waiting till the cold-and-gin congested nose of one’s own coachman gleamed under the portico of the Academy. It was one of the great livery-stableman’s most masterly intuitions to have discovered that Americans want to get away from amusement even more quickly than they want to get to it.

When Newland Archer opened the door at the back of the club box the curtain had just gone up on the garden scene. There was no reason why the young man should not have come earlier, for he had dined at seven, alone with his mother and sister, and had lingered afterward over a cigar in the Gothic library with glazed black-walnut bookcases and finial-topped chairs which was the only room in the house where Mrs. Archer allowed smoking. But, in the first place, New York was a metropolis, and perfectly aware that in metropolises it was “not the thing” to arrive early at the opera; and what was or was not “the thing” played a part as important in Newland Archer’s New York as the inscrutable totem terrors that had ruled the destinies of his forefathers thousands of years ago.

The second reason for his delay was a personal one. He had dawdled over his cigar because he was at heart a dilettante, and thinking over a pleasure to come often gave him a subtler satisfaction than its realization. This was especially the case when the pleasure was a delicate one, as his pleasures mostly were; and on this occasion the moment he looked forward to was so rare and exquisite in quality that–well, if he had timed his arrival in accord with the prima donna’s stage-manager he could not have entered the Academy at a more significant moment than just as she was singing: “He loves me–he loves me not–HE LOVES ME!–” and sprinkling the falling daisy petals with notes as clear as dew.

She sang, of course, “M’ama!” and not “he loves me,” since an unalterable and unquestioned law of the musical world required that the German text of French operas sung by Swedish artists should be translated into Italian for the clearer understanding of English- speaking audiences. This seemed as natural to Newland Archer as all the other conventions on which his life was molded: such as the duty of using two silver- backed brushes with his monogram in blue enamel to part his hair, and of never appearing in society without a flower (preferably a gardenia) in his buttonhole.”

This will work whether you make your money from marketing, advertising, the finance world, selling autos, or something else.

Whether you’re into blogs, gardening, sports, spirituality, religion, traveling the world, being a family man, or health and fitness, this advice will help you.

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How To Tell If He Likes You

A lot of stuff in this quote reveals how to tell if a girl likes you:

“Newland Archer, during this brief episode, had been thrown into a strange state of embarrassment.

It was annoying that the box which was thus attracting the undivided attention of masculine New York should be that in which his betrothed was seated between her mother and aunt; and for a moment he could not identify the lady in the Empire dress, nor imagine why her presence created such excitement among the initiated. Then light dawned on him, and with it came a momentary rush of indignation. No, indeed; no one would have thought the Mingotts would have tried it on!

But they had; they undoubtedly had; for the low- toned comments behind him left no doubt in Archer’s mind that the young woman was May Welland’s cousin, the cousin always referred to in the family as “poor Ellen Olenska.” Archer knew that she had suddenly arrived from Europe a day or two previously; he had even heard from Miss Welland (not disapprovingly) that she had been to see poor Ellen, who was staying with old Mrs. Mingott.

Archer entirely approved of family solidarity, and one of the qualities he most admired in the Mingotts was their resolute championship of the few black sheep that their blameless stock had produced. There was nothing mean or ungenerous in the young man’s heart, and he was glad that his future wife should not be restrained by false prudery from being kind (in private) to her unhappy cousin; but to receive Countess Olenska in the family circle was a different thing from producing her in public, at the Opera of all places, and in the very box with the young girl whose engagement to him, Newland Archer, was to be announced within a few weeks.

No, he felt as old Sillerton Jackson felt; he did not think the Mingotts would have tried it on!”

Study what I wrote.

This will work whether you make your money from marketing, advertising, the finance world, selling autos, or something else.

Whether you’re into blogs, gardening, sports, spirituality, religion, traveling the world, being a family woman, or health and fitness, this advice will help you.

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Seduction Tips – How To Hold A Woman’s Interest

The collective male’s attempt at piquing a woman’s interest runs the gamut from demonstrating a lightning-quick wit and sharing interesting stories about himself to doing magic tricks like a clown out of Barnum & Bailey’s circus.

But more often than not, her eyes wander to her cell phone and then meander to the people behind him.

In fact, just about everything in her environment seems to enthrall her except for him, causing a billion and one insecurities to snake into his mind, such as…

1). She must think I am ugly as sin.

2). Does she find me as boring as Velveeta cheese?

3). Do I have the personality of a houseplant?

4). Did I forget to wear deodorant?

5). Is my ego going to be an obituary in tomorrow’s paper?

And if he’s bitter, he might think: She’s like a warm toilet seat – some guy was there before me, another will be there when I get up.

Like a hard working mule, he takes one last crack at making conversation.

But, alas, she stings him with, “It was nice meeting you but I have to go.”

In retrospect, he may think: Damn! That fall-asleep boring conversation piece took the pickup to a crippling halt. It was like the one unlucky drink that shoves a wavering alcoholic off the wagon. I should have never used it.

Most of us have experienced something along these lines.

Many of us have thought: If I only had more interesting things to say, do, or show women, my outcome with them would be completely different.

Although there may be a speck of truth here, most great orators, politicians, and salesmen will tell you, “The content of what you say is far less important than how you say it.”

I’ve seen comedians put an audience in stitches one night yet bomb the next. While the standup routine they used was exactly the same on both nights, their delivery was completely different.

For this reason…

You won’t learn any interesting conversation pieces, cute lines, or fall-on-the-floor-laughing jokes in this article.


I’m going to teach you a communication secret that captivates women.

But before I go on, I want you to make me a promise (and, as you’ll see in a few minutes, this promise is for your own good)…

No matter how boring you think you are (even if you think you’re more boring than a 90 year old woman living in a nursing home), I want you to promise me that you won’t change the content of what you say to women for one week.

Here’s why…

I want you to see how adding just this simple secret to what you currently do and say when interacting with women can dramatically increase your success.

In school, you’re taught to finish a thought or idea before moving onto the next. Great advice if you want to plunge women into a narcoleptic stupor.

But if you want women to hang onto your every word, you need to break this crippling habit and start using nested loops.

A nested or open loop is when you start an idea, thought, or story, and instead of finishing it, you move onto something else. In other words, you keep the loop open.

Whenever the human mind is presented with an open loop – unfinished idea, thought, or story – it seeks closure.

Open loops are a form of what I call “tension loops” because they create unresolved emotional tension in a woman.

Even if a woman finds you as interesting and attractive as a sewer rat, the open loop unconsciously compel her to hang onto every word that pours out of your lips and emotionally drives her to see you as a valuable Prize.

Because she seeks resolution to the tension you’ve sparked in her mind and knows that you can release the tension, she perceives you as having value and heeds close attention to everything you say.

Imagine a slovenly bum and a high maintenance babe crossing paths. The bum makes a tragic try at conversation with her by saying, “Hello. My name is Jack and I am homeless. Let me tell you about how I became homeless.”

Chances are, she’d have no interest and scurry off because she finds him aesthetically repulsive, possibly scary, and of little value.

But if he fired an open loop at her, such as, “You know what they say about women with green eyes?” he would probably spark unresolved tension in her body. She’d feel a yen for emotional closure. Closure only he has the power to bring her.

And bada bing, bada boom…

This vagabond she normally would never give the time of day to piques her interest and has value (or Prizability) in her eyes.

Furthermore, open loops can build sexual arousal…

When you spark emotional tension within the context of flirting with a woman it becomes sexualized in her body.

But there’s a facet of open loops I haven’t mentioned yet…

It’s called the “Zeigarnik effect.”

One of the early contributors to Gestalt psychology Bluma Zeigarnik noticed that waiters remember orders up until they serve the food. Then they forget. This led to the discovery that the mind retains the most information when a loop is open.

How does this help you? A woman will probably remember everything you tell her between opening up a loop and closing it.

I want to share with you a powerful application of open loops I learned from watching politicians…

Oftentimes, when politicians are asked a question, they skirt around it for several minutes, talking about almost irrelevant topics, before directly addressing it. This keeps the listener in suspense.

How can we apply this to seduction and attraction?

Here’s an example…

When most men meet a woman they utter their name and then shake the woman’s hand. Usually that’s it. The interaction is over.

An hour – or even a few minutes – later she probably won’t remember his name or anything about him.

Instead, when a woman asks me my name I use an open loop.

I may say,

“When I was a kid my mom told me that she and my dad originally named me Arete, which means all the qualities that make up someone with good character.

And I said, ‘Wow, mom… that’s awesome! Why didn’t you keep the name?’

And she said, ‘Well honey, you’re lucky we didn’t name you Arete because it’s the name of a goddess from Greek mythology.

But we didn’t really give a crap about you having a female name.

The real reason we didn’t name you Arete was that our dog was named Arete – we really loved the name.

And on the day you were born our dog was hit by a car. When we looked at you, we didn’t want you to remind us of the dog. So we named you Josh instead.'”

In lieu of giving her the instant gratification of learning my name I’m using an open loop. This builds unresolved tension inside her body.

Her unconscious mind seeks to bring closure to this loop, inciting her to hang on to my every word.

Had I just told her my name from the get go, she might have judged, “This average looking guy probably lives a boring life,” and then moved onto another man.

But by using an open loop, I had an opportunity to demonstrate that I come from cultured people, have a sense of humor, tell great stories, and possess value (or Prizability).

Plus, due to the Zeigarnik effect, she will remember that I was the guy almost named Arete.

This will work whether you make your money from marketing, advertising, the finance world, selling autos, or something else.

Whether you’re into blogs, gardening, sports, spirituality, religion, traveling the world, being a family man, or health and fitness, this advice will help you.

If you’d like to get other great seduction tips check out this website.

Seduction Tips From A Frog

Years ago a friend of mine told me a story that changed my whole perspective on dating and attracting women

A bunch of frogs decided to have a race up a huge tower.

Whoever makes it to the top of the tower first will win the race, they determined.

A huge crowd gathered around the little frogs. No one believed the tiny frogs had a chance at making it to the top of the tower.

People from the crowd heckled the frogs with, “You’re way too small to climb that tower. You will never make it!”

Sure enough, heaps of frogs slid off the tower.

The crowd heckled louder, and the rest of the frogs tumbled down – except for one. The crowd continued to berate and snicker at him.

But he slogged his way to the top.

Do you know why?

He was deaf.

Contained within this story is an important lesson about attracting and succeeding with women. I’m going to discuss it in a minute.

But first…

Have you ever noticed that most ladies men see reality different from the average man?

An ordinary man, for example, might perceive a woman as showing little to no interest in him.

But transplant a ladies man’s brain into his skull and he’ll see the same woman as a little pervert who can’t keep her dirty paws off him.

Though, my friend, this is only half the story…

Similar to the deaf frog, most ladies men are blind and deaf to certain facets of reality. (This is a big part of what makes them disgustingly good at attracting women.)

When a woman hisses a crippling putdown, most men feel like she’s pulling their heart out and stepping on it.

But the ladies man eliminates these words from his reality or interprets them as meaning that she’s trying to play hard-to-get because she knows he’s a good catch.

If a ladies man approaches a woman and she demands, “Scat loser!” he doesn’t have an I’m-gonna-cry mentality. Instead, he fails to notice the bitter words flowing from her lips.

Most mortal men have a voice of doubt that snakes into their ears every time they want to push forward with a woman.

If they want to approach a girl, the voice might sneer, “She’s out of your league. She’d never go for you.” If they want to kiss her, the voice of doubt might scream, “She’s not attracted to you! Spare yourself the embarrassment!”

Sound familiar?

The ladies man, similar to ordinary men, has a voice of doubt too.

But because he’s deaf to negative forces, he can’t hear the voice. The only time his hearing improves is when the voice starts saying things that empower him to take action with women.

“Can an ordinary man see reality like a ladies man?” you might be wondering.

Yes, any man can learn to see the world like a ladies man does. The key is to develop the right beliefs for succeeding with and attracting women.

Beliefs create a direction or focus of attention for the mind.

One of my friends, for example, believes women aren’t attracted to him. Because his focus of attention is on women not feeling attraction toward him, he’s always noticing how women aren’t attracted to him.

Likewise, I’ve seen women who looked like they wanted him so bad that they’d have sold their children into slavery to get a piece of him. But he couldn’t see it.

On the other hand, I know a guy barely hovering above five-foot-three whose belly juts out further than his hyperthyroid eyes. He drinks like a fish and stinks like a skunk. To make matters worse, he’s missing a hand.

It used to make me cringe to see him approach women. He’d almost always start off on the wrong foot. But he doesn’t see this. He believes all women want him. Like a high-powered laser beam, he’s always focusing on and looking for every aspect in which women are attracted to him.

But something weird happens in his interactions with women. The first time I witnessed it, it gave me the creeps. (Note: What you’re about to read is an important piece to why ladies men are devastatingly effective with women.)

He takes women from wanting to shoot pepper spray in his eyes to feeling compelled to kiss him. He can mutate a churning stomach into a belly full of attraction.

“But how?” you might be thinking.

There are some deep psychological reasons…

Most people are burden with weak and pliable beliefs. More often than not, when two people are interacting, the person with the weaker belief system takes on the beliefs of the person with the stronger.

What this means for you

A woman might think you’re uglier than a wildebeest. But if you believe she’s attracted to you, she’ll start believing it as well.

Josh Lubens, a relationship expert, writes under the penname Swinggcat and specializes in teaching men how to seduce women.

Seduction – How To Challenge Women

In this article I’m going to teach you how to attract women through qualifying and challenging them.

The first step is developing high standards.

Many men find themselves alone or, even worse, in destructive relationships because they have no standards.

“As long as the girl is hot,” they tell themselves, “I’m willing to tolerate her rhymes-with-itchy attitude and put up with her controlling behavior.”

“If I expect too much from her, I’ll push her away,” they worry.

Don’t do this. Unless, of course, you’re a masochist.

It kills all attraction faster than insecticide kills bugs and gives women a VIP pass to disrespect you.

On the other hand, when you have high standards, women feel compelled to live up to them.

How do you develop high standards?

I’m going give you two ways to develop high standards.

1) Take a few moments to think about your ideal woman.

If you’re looking for a wife, think about all the qualities that make up a good wife – e.g., loyal, compassionate, good cook and so on.

These qualities are your standards.

2) Figure out your desired outcome with a woman.

Then ask yourself: For you to achieve your desired outcome, what self-image would she need to have?

Maybe your desired outcome is to play tonsil hockey with her minutes after meeting her.

For her to be okay with you kissing her after knowing you for only a couple minutes, she’d need to be adventurous and spontaneous.

The next step is to turn these standards into challenges.

So let’s assume you want to kiss a girl minutes after meeting her.

Challenge her with, “Are you adventurous?”

She’ll say, “Yes.”

Then high five her with both hands, hold onto her hands, and say, “Good, ’cause I only date adventurous girls.”

Next, push her hands away a teensy bit without letting go and say, “I’m still not sure you can handle me. What makes you adventurous?”

After she qualifies, pull her close, wrap your hands around her sacrum, and say, “You’re awesome.”

Without releasing your hands, push her away a little and say, “I’m still not sure this relationship is gonna work out. Are you spontaneous?”

After she says, “Yes,” pull her in close and ask, “If you were in kissing school, what grade would your teacher give you?”

She’ll inevitably brag, “I’d get an A+”

Say, “Let’s find out,” and then kiss her.

This will work whether you make your money from marketing, advertising, the finance world, selling autos, or something else.

Whether you’re into blogs, gardening, sports, spirituality, religion, traveling the world, being a family man, or health and fitness, this advice will help you.

Check out this website if you want to learn more about seduction.

Some Info Regarding The Apple IPad 3G

The iPad is tablet computer that the Apple company spent years researching and designing. The device is essentially a larger more expensive version of the iPod, with its users free to read books, search the internet, and play movies with it. The company did, however, make sure the Apple iPad 3G would be good at standing apart from the market’s similar products.

The first tablet computer Apple made was the Newton Message Pad which was introduced in 1993. This device, for its time and for core processors, was a major breakthrough. A similar tablet was developed a few years later but was never released. After the success the company had with the iPod, Apple fans began to speculate that soon they would release a tablet style laptop next. Sure enough, the co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs got to unveil the iPad at a 2010 press conference to an ecstatic crowd.

The screen on this machine is a clear crystal display and features nine inches of fingerprint and scratch resistant glass. Much like the iPhone and iPod, the iPad was designed to use touch control. Unlike the other Apple products, however, it can be put in any position and still used.

The computer comes out of the box with numerous Apple applications included on it. These include the incredibly popular iTunes, the website browser Safari, a clock, and a photo viewing function among other apps. Many of the pre included applications are minor variations of the applications that were created for the Apple’s popular MP3 player, the iPod.

Users can download a whole heap of both Apple sanctioned and third party applications as well. The Application Store is home to a never of both free and paid programs. No matter what you are looking for, from file manager applications to alarm clocks, you’ll have no problem locating it in the Apple App Store.

The product is incredibly popular with the general public but other groups use it as well. Many businesses are purchasing iPads and distributing them amongst their employees. Examples include hospitals, attorney offices, retail shops, and public works. The device’s uncomplicated user interface and wireless internet capabilities make them valued assets many business settings.

In closing, the iPad is the Apple family’s latest product. It’s popularity is due in part to the design, crystal clear display, and advanced processor of it. And that it can store different types of folders and files and has excellent wi-fi capabilities make this device extremely advantageous for small businesses and schools as well.

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Easy Methods To Write Content for Your Firm’s Website or Blog

Law firm internet advertising begins with an inherent disadvantage regarding the content you are writing for the website. This is because the material is intricate, detailed, and requires an advanced degree to understand completely. The content on your site is confronted with the unenviable responsibility of explaining, in layman’s terms, very sophisticated subjects while at the same time confronting the short lived attention of internet users.

It is critical to understand that writing content for the internet is unique and should be approached differently than other forms of conventional writing.

Successful attorney internet advertising involves being familiar with how to craft internet copy

I am going to talk about creating website content from the perspective of usability and engaging your viewers. While it is also beneficial to know how to write website content for search engine optimization,I am going to reserve that topic for a different blog post.

The following are a number of ideas to keep in mind when writing copy for your firm’s website and/or blog:

Individuals reading your website glance over the web pagesthey do not read them – Keep your paragraphs and sentences simple. Make use of headlines and bolding that spotlight your primary messages.

Utilize bullet points – Individuals enjoy lists online. Whenever lists and bullets are utilized correctly, a customer can more quickly look at and absorb the information you provide.

Be conversational, less “markety” – I consistently emphasize that people prefer to purchase from other people, not faceless companies. This is certainly legitimate when offering professional products and services. Be sure you compose with your voice, while keeping a professional tone.

Stay away from legalese – Not only doesn’t the average joe have an understanding of it, but these people will swiftly write off your content and move on to another site. Interest is short lived online, if a prospective customer does not comprehend what you are saying, they will immediately go somewhere else.

Use photos, video, and drawings in your content (where applicable) – This tends to make your articles much more visually interesting and pulls the readers in.

A wonderful book to check out on the topic is Net Copy by Nick Usborne. It is a fast read that addresses how to approach writing for the web.

Having a more detailed look at the content on your firm’s website will boost the success of your lawyer internet advertising.

Finding the right specialist to perform seo for your legal practice can be challenging. Talk to one of our local website professionals to learn about how seo for your legal practice works.

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Seduction – Do Women Enjoy Men Coming Onto Them?

I’ve got a question for you: Do women enjoy being hit on – or do they loathe it?

If you know in your heart-of-hearts women enjoy it – maybe even love it – you’re well on your way to experiencing massive success with women.

If you’ve got the belief, though, that women find men hitting on them more annoying than nails against a chalk board you’re in big trouble.

But don’t worry, my friend, because you’re in the same position as most men.

Many a man believes women hate to be hit on – and rightfully so.

If you, for example, frequent bars or nightclubs, you’ve probably overheard groups of women yapping away about how they fear and loathe men hitting on them.

But if this were so, women would wear shower curtains to bars and nightclubs.

But they don’t.

They, instead, wear skimpy little outfits to maximize the amount of male attention they get.

I’m gonna return to this train of thought in a moment.

But first, I want to shed some serious light on why believing women don’t like to be hit on is akin to sentencing your penis to life in prison with no chance of parole. No hope of him ever vacationing in that warm, cuddly place he enjoys dancing into the wee hours of the morning to that old Digital Underground song “Do The Humpty Hump.” The only love he’s gonna get is from Bubba’s nether regions.

When this nefarious belief creeps its way into a man’s noggin, fear will prevent him from approaching women.

He’ll, for example, think to himself: “If I approach a woman she’ll see me as an insidious little vermin she wants shunted from her reality.”

If he does get up the gall to approach a woman, he’s gonna have scrawled across his forehead in indelible red ink: “I’m so scared you’ll reject me, I’m about to poop my pants.”

This will communicate to her, he’s a consummate gimp. Women feel no attraction for gimps. They feel attraction toward men they perceive as a Prize.

Okay. I think I’ve convinced you that this belief has the worth of a sewer rat.

But you might be having second thoughts.

Maybe you’re not fully convinced.

So I’m gonna rewind and go back to my original train of thought: The belief that women don’t like to be hit on is crap.

If this belief ever crossed paths with the Food & Drug Administration they’d stamp it with an official FDA seal reading: 100% Certified B.S.

Why do you think women spend so much time – sometimes hours – primping and preening themselves to go out to nightclubs and bars?

Because they want to be hit on.

There’s a school of thought, though, that says: “Women don’t dress up for men; they do it for other women.”

I think there’s a grain of truth here but what this means is that women dress up to compete with other women for male attention. For male validation.

In other words, one of the reasons women put time into primping and preening themselves is to compete for who gets hit on the most by men.

Many a woman will never explicitly admit she enjoys men hitting on her.

If she did, she’d risk other women perceiving her as being at the top of the Slut-O-Meter.

Wanting to be hit on is one of women’s dirty little secrets.

Think of those stupid, gossip magazines – such as, National Enquirer and Star. Almost everyone talks about the stupidity of these publications and claims to have never picked one up.

This is B.S.

If most people didn’t read them, their circulation wouldn’t be so widespread.

The lurid reality is this: Most of us can’t wait to get our dirty little paws all over these magazines while standing in line at the supermarket.

A lot of us have too much pride to admit it.

But almost all of us get picked up by our lapels and sucked into the contents of these papers.

Same holds true with women. Most women claim, they hate when guys hit on them.

But most women love it. They can’t get enough of it.

But they’ll never admit it. It’s their dirty little pleasure they don’t admit.

When you make no apologies for hitting on a woman and convey the belief that by you hitting on her you’re doing her a favor, it lets her know she’s dealing with a real man who’s a Prize she has to win over.

If you believe women want and love to be hit on, you’re half way to massive success with women.

This will work whether you make your money from marketing, advertising, the finance world, selling autos, or something else.

Whether you’re into blogs, gardening, sports, spirituality, religion, traveling the world, being a family man, or health and fitness, this advice will help you.

Josh Lubens is a dating expert who writes under the name Swinggcat. If you’d like to learn more about seduction, check out this website.

How To Grab The Apple Ipad Free This Christmas

The Ipad by apple will undoubtedly be one of the most desired gifts this Xmas, but for parents this is certainly bad news. The Ipad price tag starts at 429.00 and for a single gadget this is certainly costly for any parent or guardian.

There is however a simple solution for cash buckled parents or guardians this Christmas time, this type of option is called incentive marketing. This form of advertising from web sites offer buyers a massive number of gifts they’re now able to claim for free simply by trying a new service or joining a online casino site similar to Gala Bingo.

You will have encountered incentive advertising in a scaled-down form, have you ever been presented a money incentive from the company that you are already employing their service such as Sky? They’ll normally pay out 50.00 for introducing friends or family to sign up for their service the money is your incentive to ask other folks to sign up.

On-line incentive websites work much the same way, they will assist you to claim a free ipad for simply trying something that they offer, these will range from completely free offers right through to starting home insurance with a branded business which you should have seen advertised on Tv.

People during the last 4 years have used these websites to claim hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of freebies. All of the latest must have gadgets are around for you to lay claim you just need to know which web-sites offer you these goods and which you can trust.

We have been listing the best giveaway sites now for three years and also have thousands of satisfied customers scrambling back for much more every week.

Not only will the ipad tablet be the most wished items but the new Ipod Touch that has just seen a tremendous re-design and enhancements will probably be on most children’s xmas list.

Do not pay for these fantastic gadgets, you can grab them for free using our free and easy to follow tutorial, look at the links below select which free gift you want then follow the instructions in order to claim that free gift. it truly is so simple and if you follow our guide you wont pay out a single penny for a 100 % free ipad.

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