She Posted a Video of the New iPhone X. Then, Apple Fired Her Dad. Here's What You Can Learn From It All

Brooke Amelia Peterson likes making YouTube videos. She never imagined one of her most recent ones would end up getting her dad fired.

So, what happened?

As ReCode reports:

“Peterson posted a five-minute video of a September day in Silicon Valley, which mostly included shopping for makeup and clothing. Harmless, and not unlike other YouTube videos posted by teenagers.

But then, in the video, she visits her father on Apple’s campus in Cupertino for what seems like dinner. As they munch on pizzas in the company’s cafeteria, Peterson’s dad hands her his iPhone X to test. That’s when YouTube viewers got about 45 seconds of footage of Peterson scrolling through various screens on the new design and showing off its camera.”

After being reposted by various Apple blogs, the video went viral. In a follow-up video, Peterson explains that Apple asked her to remove the original post and she did.

“I had no idea that this was a violation,” Peterson says in the video. “[My father takes full responsibility for letting me film his iPhone X.”

She then drops this major bomb:

“Apple let him go. At the end of the day, when you work for Apple, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are. If you break a rule, they just have no tolerance.”

Peterson goes on to say that neither her nor her father are bitter. “They had to do what they had to do,” she says. “I’m not mad at Apple. I’m not going to stop buying Apple products…My dad had a really great run at Apple.”

“I don’t think he deserved this, but we’re okay,” she added. “We’re good.”

Apple hasn’t responded to any requests for comment. But while the video may seem innocent, The Verge reports that the originally posted video included footage of “an iPhone X with special employee-only QR codes,” adding, “a notes app was also shown on the iPhone X in the video, which appeared to include codenames of unreleased Apple products.”

Peterson and her father seem to have fallen victim to the snares of social media. Since this medium is ruled by emotional behavior, I couldn’t help but think of how emotional intelligence–the ability to make emotions work for you instead of against you (and the topic of my forthcoming book)–have helped.

In that spirit, let’s pause for a moment and consider a few lessons learned when it comes to your online posting habits:

1. You might go viral. And that’s not necessarily good.

Peterson claims that she never thought her video would get many views, seeing that countless others had already posted early looks at the iPhone X. She certainly wasn’t prepared for the backlash that followed, in the form of ad hominem attacks on both her and her father.

“I don’t understand the amount of hate that is in this world,” Peterson tearfully tells viewers.

If you’re part of the generation who was raised on the internet, you may dream of going viral. If you do, be careful what you ask for.

2. You’ll have to deal with the consequences. But you’re not the only one.

It’s true that the ultimate decision of what you’re going to post online lies with you. But while you may be willing to accept whatever effect doing so has on your job or reputation, you must remember that it will probably affect those who are close to you as well.

Instead of getting caught up in the moment and sharing something you may later regret, you should think before you post.

Ask yourself:

  • How will I feel about this in a week, year, or several years?
  • Could sharing this have adverse effects on myself, my family or other loved ones?

The answers to those questions may convince you that your planned post isn’t really worth it after all.

3. Parents, please train your children.

A final piece of advice for you parents:

Remember that your children may be more technologically-savvy than you, but they don’t possess your experience or same level of judgment. Further, they’re likely still learning how to handle the power of emotion. 

You wouldn’t let them start driving a car or using a credit card without giving them training and instructions, so why should you do so with social media?

If you’re not familiar with the software and applications they’re using:

  • Do some research.
  • Subscribe to their channels and follow their posts.
  • Give them feedback and guide their internet usage.

Doing so will draw you closer as it demonstrates your interest in what’s important to them. But even more importantly, it allows you to help safeguard them from the numerous pitfalls and traps they’re bound to encounter.

In the end, it may save you your job.

Or, it could save a whole lot more.


Irish court gives $1 billion Apple data center green light

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Apple may proceed to build a 850 million euro ($ 1 billion) data center in Ireland, the High Court ruled on Thursday, bringing relief for the government after a two-year planning delay which it feared could hurt its reputation with investors.

Apple in February 2015 announced plans to build the data center in a rural location in the west of Ireland to take advantage of rich green energy sources nearby.

Planning permission was granted by the local council six months later, but a series of appeals blocked Apple from beginning work.

High Court judge Paul McDermott on Thursday dismissed two separate appeals against the planning permission, clearing the way for the project to proceed.

Ireland relies on foreign multinational companies for the creation of one in every 10 jobs across the economy and sees major investments such as data centers as a means of securing their presence in the country.

A similar Apple center announced at the same time in Denmark is due to begin operations later this year and Apple has announced it will build a second data center there.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar met Apple executives last month and said they had made clear their frustration with the planning and judicial delays and warned the process would color decisions that they might make about future investments.

The government has said it is considering amending its planning laws to include data centers as strategic infrastructure, thus allowing them to get through the planning process much more quickly.

It has said it will be one of the biggest capital investment projects in the west of Ireland, providing 300 construction jobs and 150 on-site permanent jobs.

Writing by Conor Humphries and Padraic Halpin


Is Apple iPhone X in Trouble?

Apple’s iPhones are critical to its business and its cash hoard. But now speculation is that the money machine may not be humming as well as expected.

The upcoming iPhone X smartphone, available on Nov. 3, may be having manufacturing problems that could lead to a more limited availability at launch than investors had hoped. There’s also talk of whether slower-than-expected iPhone 8 sales are due to shoppers preferring to wait for the iPhone X or something more troubling—like disappointed customers.

But it wasn’t all bad news for Apple. For instance, the company is believed to be making a healthy profit on the sale of each iPhone, further bolstering arguments by industry watchers who believe the iPhone X and iPhone 8 will help Apple reach new financial heights.

This is Fortune’s latest weekly roundup of the biggest Apple news. Here’s last week’s roundup.

  1. Apple kicked off the week right with the release of an update to its free desktop operating system macOS High Sierra. The software includes several new features, including faster performance, thanks to a new file system that allows for quicker transfer and accessibility of folders. It’s available now as a free download in the Mac App Store. However, some users complained about possible security problems that dampened enthusiasm for the update.
  2. After its first weekend of availability, the iPhone 8 and its larger alternative, the iPhone 8 Plus, suffered from lower-than-expected demand, according to research firm Localytics. In fact, the iPhone 8’s early estimated sales were lower than for last year’s iPhone 7 in terms of overall share of the iOS market, according to Localytics. Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus, however, attracted a larger share of customers than the iPhone 7 Plus did in its first weekend of availability last year.
  3. Even if iPhone 8 is having trouble attracting customers, it should still generate a nice profit for Apple excluding assembly and staff costs, among others. According to an IHS Markit report this week, Apple makes $ 411.06 on the sale of each new iPhone 8, and $ 510.92 on each iPhone 8 Plus sold excluding those additional costs. Apple, however, hasn’t confirmed iPhone 8 pricing and the amount of profit on individual sales.
  4. The iPhone 8’s glass back panel will cost customers $ 99 to fix under the company’s warranty, Apple revealed this week. In comparison, Apple charges $ 29 to fix an iPhone 8 screen that’s under warranty.
  5. There is major debate over Apple’s iPhone X. One report this week suggested that iPhone X is suffering from manufacturing problems with its Face ID scanner, and that fewer phones will be available for their November premiere than otherwise expected. That report spooked investors, who sent the company’s shares down more than 1% in one day. But as I explained this week, worries about the iPhone X is overblown and everything will likely be fine.
  6. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai this week complained that Apple should turn on the FM frequency chips inside its iPhones to allow users in hurricane-damaged areas listen to radio stations for critical information. The problem, however, is that Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 don’t come with FM radio chips.

Quick Hits

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One more thing…Apple’s Beats division is releasing a new, high-end Studio3 Wireless Headphones next month. I’ve been testing them for the last few weeks. Here’s my review. The short version? They’re really, really, really good.


This Time It Matters: Why Apple Is Falling

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is dropping hard after its event to announce the new series of hardware, in particular the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X as well as the Apple Watch 3.

It’s Different This Time
Normally when Apple stock dives on lukewarm product reviews we stand firmly in our position that the stock market reaction is over blown. Our simple thesis for that response is to look at demand, which is hypnotically strong, every time. That is not the case this time.

A New Risk is Not Obvious But is Enormous
Apple announced a more complicated lineup of iPhones this time around. It introduced the iPhone 8 series which is an upgrade to the iPhone 7, and then it announced the highly anticipated iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten).

Then the company made the iPhone 8 available this month, but pushed delivery of iPhone X to early November, which pre-orders stating in late October. That has created a risk.

It turns out that Apple hyped the iPhone X so much, and poured so much new technology into it, that it has left the demand for iPhone 8 lackluster in Apple terms. Here’s what we mean.

If you go to the Apple Store, and try to purchase an iPhone 8, the wait time is essentially 1-3 days for the smaller memory version. Here is an image:

That is for the iPhone 8, in Los Angeles, on Verizon’s (NYSE:VZ) network. The other networks are essentially the same. A normal wait time for a new iPhone release is usually several weeks, let’s say 2-4 depending on where you are in the world.

There are also reports that in store lines are much smaller than before, with one report pinpointing Sydney Australia, where only 30 people were camped out for the new release. Reports from China are similar.

Here are links to two stories:

Turnout for iPhone 8 Launch in Australia “Bleak” as Customers Hold Out for Upcoming iPhone X
The iPhone 8 launch in Sydney saw “a bleak turnout,” reports Reuters, with fewer than 30 people lining up outside of the Sydney Apple Store on George Street. In past years, hundreds of people have lined up for new iPhones on release day.

Apple Falls After Analyst Report Indicates Weak iPhone 8 Demand
Consumers pre-ordered about 1.5 million handsets on Chinese retail website in the first three days, compared with about 3.5 million for the comparable period of iPhone 7 orders.

Tim Cook just said he “couldn’t be happier” with the iPhone release (and Apple Watch 3). While sales are lower than prior models, there is one reason, a big reason, that he may actually be telling the truth.

Is There a Plan?
One of the headlines that surfaced from the Apple Event was that the iPhone X was very expensive, starting at $ 999 and climbing to $ 1,200 based on the configuration.

It’s possible, maybe even likely, that Apple decided to release the iPhone 8 for less to make it appear that it was not forcing Apple loyalists to buy a far more expensive phone by offering a reduced priced new model (iPhone 8).

In fact, it does appear that even in the bearish analyst notes, each tends to comment on the fact that demand reduction for the iPhone 8 is simply a reflection of the outsized demand for the iPhone X.

If that’s true, then Apple will have an average selling price significantly higher than in prior times, and if demand is in fact to the point where Apple also sells more units, then that would bring a windfall of profits larger than any company has ever seen in one quarter. If that sound overly bullish, it’s just the choice of words — Apple already has the largest earnings ever in one quarter, so this would be a breaking of its own record — also known more simply as, “growth.”

Back to Risk
While there is a rather bullish narrative to wrap around this odd iPhone selection, there is also, in earnest this time, a reasonable bearish thesis.

Apple won’t be delivering its iPhone X until well into November, and if demand is very strong, it might not even be able to deliver before the holiday season in the United States. And while, certainly, if all of those sales simply occur later in the year (or early 2018), then that’s fine, but to consider that a foregone conclusion is a step we are not willing to take with blind faith.

Some consumers, perhaps many consumers, will not wait. And while Apple loyalists may stick around for a later date, the all-important “Android switchers” (those smartphone Android owners that switch to Apple) may not — and that is a real risk and worthy of a stock drop, until proven otherwise.

Apple’s market share in the United States is jumping as Android loses market share — an under reported but critical phenomenon. On January 11th, 2017, 9TO5Mac wrote iPhone market share grows 6.4% in USA, takes share from Android in most markets.

Apple gained 9.1% in the UK, mostly at the expense of Windows phones.

The iPhone grew its market share in Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK and USA, with Android seeing its own share drop in all of these countries bar Italy, where its growth was less than half that of iOS.

Those are Android switchers and Apple may have just put that group, or at least that trend, in serious jeopardy.

Now What?
We believe the iPhone X is going to be a knock-down drag-out mega hit, and the elevated price will make it yet an even larger success. But, the risk that Apple took, as of right now, is hurting the company both with iPhone 8 sales, and potentially, with Android switchers. And that is not a false narrative — it is accurate.

That risk means the stock should drop, and is dropping.

But, we’re not done yet. What we did not show you, and is easily missed unless you are really looking, is how hard Apple is focusing consumers on the iPhone X over the iPhone 8 — in our opinion.

I recorded a 45 second video arriving on the Apple Store and looking at iPhones. I have turned to video to allow you to make your own decision, as opposed to snapshots, which are too selective and an be used to weave any narrative the author likes.

When you watch this video (below), decide for yourself if you feel that Apple is purposefully pointing people to the iPhone X over the iPhone 8. Here we go:

That’s hardly headline grabbing footage, but we found it noteworthy.

Apple Watch 3
There have been some pretty poor reviews of the Apple Watch 3 surrounding its LTE connectivity and its battery life. This is one of those times where the reviews are meaningless. Demand is strong and that’s all that matters.

Here is a snapshot from the Apple Store for that product:

We see the Watch becoming a runaway success as people learn to use that wearable device as a standalone product — leaving the phone at home on runs, meetings, swims, hikes, and whatever other times such a convenience could be desired.

We maintain our Top Pick status on Apple, but have certainly tempered our bullishness with an undeniable new risk. It might work out very well, but, it might not, and that is a new risk to Apple stock.

The author is long shares of Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL).

Thanks for reading, friends.

Please read the legal disclaimers below and as always, remember, we are not making a recommendation or soliciting a sale or purchase of any security ever. We are not licensed to do so, and we wouldn’t do it even if we were. We’re sharing my opinions, and provide you the power to be knowledgeable to make your own decisions.

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Disclosure: I am/we are long AAPL.


The Apple Ipad Claim Yours Now

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Seeking The Enjoyment Of The Apple IPad

People love to have the best forms of technology to carry around. The Apple company has come up with some great products over the year and have wowed technology lovers with the brand new Apple iPad. Anyone who is considering buying this great device can easily look below to check out a number of great perks that come along with using it on a daily basis.

This device is one of the newest creations that come from the company. The lightweight device can be carried around easily in a backpack or even a purse. The fact that it has a touch screen is also great for those who want to be able to get rid of the keyboard. Within seconds, someone can easily write up and send off an email to friends or loved ones.

After making a purchase for this device, it is important to look into the different applications that can be purchased as well as downloaded. Apple has created a number of different applications that include a great array of games that can easily take up time. There are also apps that have been created that will also make life a lot more easier for those who have a lot of business to deal with on the go. Sending and receiving emails will simply take seconds to get on top of.

People today do not like to buy computers that do not have wi-fi technology. With the iPad, as long as there is internet in the area, it will be easy to connect and search or browse any websites. This is also a great device to use for sending and receiving important or casual emails. There is really no limit to what this device can actually do. There are also plans from major cell phone carriers that will offer affordable plans to have internet at all times.

When it comes to downloading different applications, users need to make sure that they have plenty of memory to back everything up. Investing in the version that offers at least 64GB is going to be the best bet simply because it will keep the device from slowing or locking up at certain times. The price might be a little higher, but most do report that the extra cost is well worth it.

In order to save a great deal of money, many shoppers have found that the iPad is easily affordable through the internet. There are reputable dealers that will offer much lower prices for those who are on a rather tight budget. Be sure to look at the dealers online that offer the real device, rather than different versions in order to keep from being taken advantage of. There are devices that look and feel like the real device, but will not live up to its true potential.

When trying to get in touch with the very best technology, the Apple iPad has it all. It seems that there is nothing that this particular device cannot accomplish. Anyone who wants to take a look will be able to look online as well as make their purchase. Start as soon as possible and see what this device actually has to offer everyone who makes the right investment.

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The Apple IPhone4 For Your Business Use

The iPhone4 from Apple computers is a new launch for a new generation. It has everything needed to increase the productivity of any business. With features such as Multitasking and FaceTime, users can find that the everyday jobs which can cause such hassle can be completed in minutes. This frees up time to get on with the other more demanding elements of the job.

The multitasking feature is a very useful one for the business user. It means that a lot of different apps can be used at the same time. This means that there is less hassle and less time-consuming going back to the main screen and switching between them.

FaceTime is also an excellent application. There is no need for a separate account or user login. It allows users to tap a contact and then tap the icon and they can see the person they want to speak to. Even in the middle of a phone conversation, if there is something that you need to see, then simply tap the icon and the switch can be made instantly.

iOS4 is a sleeker version and runs more smoothly with fewer hang-ups. Microsoft Exchange can let users synchronize different accounts simultaneously. It does this through being able to run multiple Active Sync accounts at one go.

The wide display, full colour screen is a vital addition for most business users. The ability to exchange graphs on the run and make management level decisions is vital to most business. One department can email over a print advertisement to the marketing manager and he can approve it or change it instantly. The zoom function is absolutely ideal for providing close-up detailing to be viewed quickly and easily.

There are an amazing number of apps on the market especially geared towards the business user. If the exact application is not available, then it can be easily commissioned or created. The operating system is so flexible that many different types of item can be created. If you can imagine it, you can probably app it.

This iPhone4 is a beautiful machine, there is no doubt about it and everyone will agree. But the latest from Apple is the launch of a white iPhone. There are rumours that these have already been sighted and there are photos of them available on the internet. The news is that the official release will happen very soon. White really is the new black!

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Several Ideas On How To Get A Free Apple Ipad

Apple recently released then you product called the ipad and it certainly caused quite a storm in the media. While it offers so many wonderful features, the Ipad certainly comes with a hefty pricetag, making it out of reach of most people’s budgets. However, this doesn’t have to be the end of the story and it is possible to get a free Apple Ipad without having to spend a dime.

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Some Info Regarding The Apple IPad 3G

The iPad is tablet computer that the Apple company spent years researching and designing. The device is essentially a larger more expensive version of the iPod, with its users free to read books, search the internet, and play movies with it. The company did, however, make sure the Apple iPad 3G would be good at standing apart from the market’s similar products.

The first tablet computer Apple made was the Newton Message Pad which was introduced in 1993. This device, for its time and for core processors, was a major breakthrough. A similar tablet was developed a few years later but was never released. After the success the company had with the iPod, Apple fans began to speculate that soon they would release a tablet style laptop next. Sure enough, the co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs got to unveil the iPad at a 2010 press conference to an ecstatic crowd.

The screen on this machine is a clear crystal display and features nine inches of fingerprint and scratch resistant glass. Much like the iPhone and iPod, the iPad was designed to use touch control. Unlike the other Apple products, however, it can be put in any position and still used.

The computer comes out of the box with numerous Apple applications included on it. These include the incredibly popular iTunes, the website browser Safari, a clock, and a photo viewing function among other apps. Many of the pre included applications are minor variations of the applications that were created for the Apple’s popular MP3 player, the iPod.

Users can download a whole heap of both Apple sanctioned and third party applications as well. The Application Store is home to a never of both free and paid programs. No matter what you are looking for, from file manager applications to alarm clocks, you’ll have no problem locating it in the Apple App Store.

The product is incredibly popular with the general public but other groups use it as well. Many businesses are purchasing iPads and distributing them amongst their employees. Examples include hospitals, attorney offices, retail shops, and public works. The device’s uncomplicated user interface and wireless internet capabilities make them valued assets many business settings.

In closing, the iPad is the Apple family’s latest product. It’s popularity is due in part to the design, crystal clear display, and advanced processor of it. And that it can store different types of folders and files and has excellent wi-fi capabilities make this device extremely advantageous for small businesses and schools as well.

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How To Grab The Apple Ipad Free This Christmas

The Ipad by apple will undoubtedly be one of the most desired gifts this Xmas, but for parents this is certainly bad news. The Ipad price tag starts at 429.00 and for a single gadget this is certainly costly for any parent or guardian.

There is however a simple solution for cash buckled parents or guardians this Christmas time, this type of option is called incentive marketing. This form of advertising from web sites offer buyers a massive number of gifts they’re now able to claim for free simply by trying a new service or joining a online casino site similar to Gala Bingo.

You will have encountered incentive advertising in a scaled-down form, have you ever been presented a money incentive from the company that you are already employing their service such as Sky? They’ll normally pay out 50.00 for introducing friends or family to sign up for their service the money is your incentive to ask other folks to sign up.

On-line incentive websites work much the same way, they will assist you to claim a free ipad for simply trying something that they offer, these will range from completely free offers right through to starting home insurance with a branded business which you should have seen advertised on Tv.

People during the last 4 years have used these websites to claim hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of freebies. All of the latest must have gadgets are around for you to lay claim you just need to know which web-sites offer you these goods and which you can trust.

We have been listing the best giveaway sites now for three years and also have thousands of satisfied customers scrambling back for much more every week.

Not only will the ipad tablet be the most wished items but the new Ipod Touch that has just seen a tremendous re-design and enhancements will probably be on most children’s xmas list.

Do not pay for these fantastic gadgets, you can grab them for free using our free and easy to follow tutorial, look at the links below select which free gift you want then follow the instructions in order to claim that free gift. it truly is so simple and if you follow our guide you wont pay out a single penny for a 100 % free ipad.

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Apple iPad – Revolutionize your Way of Living

Apple Inc. is well a well known company in the tech industry. It is because of the company’s maintained standard for developing innovative products in the technology industry. The company is popular in manufacturing and designing computer software, personal computers and consumer electronics. Some of the popular products of Apple are Macintosh desktop computers and laptops, iPhone, iPod and now the iPad.

They considered iPad as an advance tablet PC because of its cool features like media consumption, Internet browsing, gaming and light and content creation. Compared to other tablet PC, iPad is more innovative because of its multi touch screen feature. You can place inputs on iPad with the use of your fingertips. There is no need for QWERTY keyboards in browsing the web, checking your emails, watching videos and viewing photos; you can do it by using your fingertips. The apps on Apple iPad are designed for touch screen features of the device.

When you closely on an iPad model, you will immediately notice that it is like an iPod touch. However, iPad is larger and it weighs 1.5 pounds and 0.5 inch thick. It has a 9.7 inch screen and high resolution LED-backlit IPS displays with a battery life of 10 hours. When it comes to its flash memory, you can choose from sizes ranging from 16 to 64 gigabytes. Apple iPad is using the 1GHz A4 chip developed by Apple. It also supports 150,000 applications that are available on Apple App Store. Some of these are The Wall Street Journal, Real Racing HD and E*TRADE Mobile Pro.

iPad can also be an e-book reader aside from being a tablet PC. You can use iPad to buy new e-books from iBookstore and you can read them directly in your iPad. Like laptop computers, it also has a built in wireless device that can be used with Wi-Fi. It is supported by the third generation (3G) wireless network of AT&T. You can also add accessories on your iPad to enhance its workability like ipad Dock, iPad Case, iPad 10W USB Power Adapter, iPad Camera Connection Kit and iPad Keyboard Dock.

Many people are hesitating to buy iPad because they really think that it is not worth buying because of its price.

iPad is one of the most popular gadgets today because of its cool features, however, is it advisable to buy this device? Here are some of the reasons why iPad is worth buying.

Second, iPad can organize your private files and it can be very handy when you are traveling. The Map Application of iPad is one of the reasons why iPad is really handy when you are going to travel anywhere in the world. Your privacy is protected because you can store your private files on your iPad like videos, documents, music and photos.

Apple iPad is one of the best devices in the modern world. With its advance features and cool applications, it can really revolutionize your way of living.

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Your Not Cool Without The Apple Ipad

Gadget freaks pay attention. The latest in techno cool has arrived and if you’re out of the loop well you better get reconnected. The must have gadget of the season, hands down, is the Apple iPad.

Apple has led the charge in technological innovation. Their latest gadget has a 9.2-inch diagonal screen, making it perfect for easy viewing. With its large size you may expect it be weigh a lot, but you’d be wrong. It comes in at a pound and a half and has a thickness of just half an inch. And the powerful battery holds a ten hour charge, so you won’t be interrupted while it’s in use.

The touch responsive software found in the iPod Touch and iPhone re-emerges in the iPad, only it’s been re engineered to be much more precise. Now typing and selecting different functions is easier.

The many different functions are what make the device so revolutionary. It can be used as a tablet computer. Easily check your e-mail or surf the internet using a mobile company’s 3G data network, or us the built-in wi-fi for quick access to everything online.

If you’re familiar with Apple products then you know about the app store. This is the online store you visit to download all the hottest games, unique applications, or the new movies you want to see on your machine. You can do all sorts of things, like paint with your fingers or practice your instrument on a virtual piano keyboard. Whatever you can think of there is probably an application that does it.

Are you a book reader? This device is an eReader, too. Just download the free iBook application and you’ll be able to download and view your favourite novels right on the screen. And instead of turning pages, just swipe your finger across the display and you’re on the next page.

What can often be overlooked with new gadgets is accessibility. Many people in the population suffer from different disabilities. The device comes with a variety of universal access based features so that those with a physical or learning disability, or are hearing or vision impaired can use it right out of the box with no need to download additional ease of use software.

The on screen keyboard can be used to work the machine just like a laptop, and it hides away when you don’t need it. But if you prefer the feel of a real one, a wireless or docking keyboard can be purchased. Other available accessories include a camera kit so you can download photos directly to your machine, ear buds for listening to music, and a protective case to keep your device safe.

Don’t be fooled. The Apple iPad is not all play and no work. Not only can you type up documents, also create full colour presentations, manage and make spreadsheets, and do any number of business oriented things on this great device.

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Dont Buy The Apple Ipad Get It Free

The Ipad by apple will undoubtedly be one of the most desired gifts this Xmas, but for parents this is certainly bad news. The Ipad price tag starts at 429.00 and for a single gadget this is certainly costly for any parent or guardian.

There is however a simple solution for cash buckled parents or guardians this Christmas time, this type of option is called incentive marketing. This form of advertising from web sites offer buyers a massive number of gifts they’re now able to claim for free simply by trying a new service or joining a online casino site similar to Gala Bingo.

You’ll have come across incentive marketing in a smaller form, have you ever been offered a money incentive from the company you are already using their service for instance Sky? They’ll normally pay you fifty pounds for introducing friends or family to join their service the money is the incentive to ask other folks to sign up.

On line incentive websites work much the same way, they will allow you to claim a free ipad for simply trying a service which they offer, these will range between free offers right through to beginning household insurance with a branded business which you should have seen advertised on Tv.

People during the last 4 years have used these websites to claim hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of freebies. All of the latest must have gadgets are around for you to lay claim you just need to know which web-sites offer you these goods and which you can trust.

We’ve been listing the best free gift web sites now for three years and get a large number of happy customers flocking back to get more every week.

Not merely will the ipad from apple be probably the most wanted items but the new Ipod itouch that has just seen a massive re-design and improvements is going to be on most kid’s xmas list.

Don’t pay for such great gadgets, you can get them for nothing using our free and simple guide, visit the hyperlinks below choose which free gift you need then refer to the instructions to be able to claim that free gift. it is so simple of course, if you keep to our guide you wont fork out one penny for a 100 % free ipad from apple.

Get the details you need to get a Apple Ipad Deals fast and easy! When you get your ipad deals you can begin enjoying the advantages and benefits today!

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Advertisers Offering A Free Apple Ipad

Later this year in the UK the Apple ipad 3G will be released, this will create further demands for the new gadget from Apples house of electronics.

Considering the ipad has a price tag which will match that of a great laptop, some people will find it a hard choice to hand over their money.

And given the fact you cannot do half as much on the ipad as you can on a laptop it really makes you think twice before handing over that money.

Taking advantage of on-line offers I will explain how you can get your hands on a free Apple ipad.

As you will have seen as you travel around the internet, you are bombarded with advertisements on every corner, if you then offer a free gift for trying an offer this becomes incentive advertising.

Have you gone to buy a new mobile phone and seen the offers of a free games console or a free TV if you take out the higher package?

Now you can see what and how incentive advertising does it’s time you take advantage of it, and use this to claim a free Apple product.

At the end of this article I will list the best incentive website the UK has to offer, Even though they are UK based most countries around the world are eligible to join.

How this works is you join the website using your real name address and email, these details are required for verification and for sending out your free gift.

You will see when you have singed up there are a few steps to follow, one is that you complete one of the offers advertised.

There are various offers displayed but there are also offers which are free to complete costing you nothing at all.

Choosing any of the other offers which will cost some money but normally very little will still enable you to claim a free gift but choosing a free offer means your gift is just that, Free.

Shipping costs are all covered too so there wont be a nasty surprise later, plus once your free gift has been shipped your account is reset and you can then qualify again for another free gift or even another free ipad the choice is totally yours.

Get the information and details you need to get a Apple Ipad Deals easy and fast! When you get your ipad deals you can begin enjoying the advantages and benefits today!

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