Swipe for Professional Connections With Bumble’s New Networking App

Now the Bumble app can get you more than just a date.

The female-first dating app is breaking into career networking with the launch of Bumble Bizz. Similar to its dating counterpart, the app seeks to make networking easier and more efficient.

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To use Bumble Bizz, users create a LinkedIn-style digital resume. You can upload education and professional experience details, write a professional bio, and note what kind of opportunities you’re looking for. There’s also a skills section to list talents and awards, and the option to include examples from your portfolio. The app can be used for general networking, job seeking, or even mentoring.

While Bumble Bizz can be accessed within the Bumble app, it functions separately. Nevertheless, it will use the same swiping approach as the dating app, allowing users to swipe right on those they’re interested in speaking with further. Women will also still be the ones who have to make the first move by sending a message, maintaining Bumble’s focus on empowering women.

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Bumble has more than 21 million users around the world and has facilitated more than 350 million women-led first moves. With the launch of Bumble Bizz, the company says it wants to “empower women to have the confidence to make the first move within a professional environment.” For the time being, Bumble Bizz is only available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K, France, and Germany.

Oh, and Bumble will be using the new feature itself to look for potential new employees. So if you’re hoping to get a job at the female-first company, it might be a good idea to get on Bumble Bizz and start swiping.


Maintaining A Business Image Through Well Designed Letterheads

Even though letters are not much in use these days for business marketing as they used to be, because of the arrival of computers, the letterheads that are properly designed for your company can still serve a very important role in branding and maintaining the business image.

It comes as a surprise to many to learn that the letterhead which has been put in the back shelf for the moment could still turn out to be a very important factor in the promotion of business brand name and products.

Branding simply represents what the business is visually, because it contains the logo, colors and motto of the company as concerning its image, policy and what it stands for. When all this is designed into one picture, it will be impressed on the minds of the customers who use the products.

The business letterhead that has a beautiful branding will help to quietly reinforce your company image in the minds of the customers and anyone else who looks at the correspondence.

It is easy to find some word processing programs which will give you a way of making some basic business letterheads which will look fine on any document you print.

In case you need a more elaborate type of letterhead, you will find it convenient to hire the services of a professional graphic designer who would print a heap of them on order. What will happen next is for you to check that the paper has been inserted properly into the printer before use; and that is simple.

The best way is to keep the business letterhead design pretty small in order not to overwhelm your customers. So your logo should be delightfully restricted to the top of the page, and because it is small; you will be able to add the name of the company, address and other contact details displayed in bold easily seen text.

The website should also be included with the letterhead and this is positioned centrally on the lower bottom of the page just below the content.

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Guidelines To Remember When Making A Site On The Web

If you are about to make a website, there are a few things that you should take care of before you do anything else.

1. You need a domain name. You can’t put a website on the Internet without one. Some domain names, like those on free website hosts or blogs, are annexed to the names of whatever service you use. But nothing beats having your own domain name.

Domain providers like godaddy.com and yahoo.com have very reasonable prices. They also tend to run a lot of specials. Try to buy your domain name when they’re running these specials.

2. You need a web host. My posts are companies that have servers on which you can deposit your website for the public to view. This is essential because, without a host, no one could see your website.

There are shared hosting servers and dedicated hosting servers. Begin as a better off sticking to shared hosting; they do not cost as much and are easier to deal with. Dedicated hosting servers are more for businesses and people who expect to have a lot of visitors to their website.

3. If you want your website to look at attract a whole lot of people, you need to have a very good design. Hiring a website designer is the best way to ensure a quality product. You could always try to design it yourself, there are many tutorials available online, but attaining a professional design is easier than you are less likely to run into any technical difficulties.

You shouldn’t have a fast but ugly site or a slow but pretty site; people won’t want to come back to your website are viewing it for the first time. You always want to keep people coming back for more.

There are many other things to consider when setting up a website; these are just basic foundations for you to get started on. When you’re ready to add more advanced aspects to your site, search online for ways to do it.

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Direct Mail Campaigns Are A Good Way To Increase The Popularity Of Your Business

One of the most successful ways of making your business popular is by using Direct mail campaigns. It is a simple way of reaching out to thousands of new customers. It is also seen as a less costly way of advertising your services and products, plus it is very effective.

All it takes is a beautifully designed postcard that is able to attract the attention of would be customers. It is crucial for your advertising to be worded carefully to carry the image and unique qualities of your company and product so that it can stick in their minds.

Note that minimalism when designing your business postcard says something about you, but feel free to try out some new ideas; think out of the box so to speak. Make sure that what you have will attract attention.

Using your company colors and logo to design the postcard will help to give space to your branding. It also helps to imprint these in people’s minds but take care not to congest it with too many different colors.

This is always the kind of mistake many new businesses make when they want to capture the market because they use wordy lines and too many colors on the postcard. Do not use these if you want to capture the imagination of the people in your catchment area; just use a few lines that are brief and to the point to describe your products.

Try to summarize the important areas and high light them with bullet points and then list down your logo, business name and what your company and products stand for. Try to be as brief as possible because that will make it easier for them to remember.

There are also the professional designers of business postcards who can help you to do some for your company for a fee. Contracting the local companies to do this will be less costly for you.

Don’t fret if you think hiring a professional designer would be too expensive for you, as there are many affordable graphic design programs which you can get for use with your computer. They are easy to use and can help you to develop many types of advertising gadgets like brochures, postcards in the comfort of your own office.

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The Well Known Idea Behind Video Games

The concept of video gaming on a computer has become very popular over the recent years. Video games are challenging and fun, and there are games for everyone. There are many people that have become very rich thanks to video games. The primary beneficiaries of this concept are the game developers and the manufacturers making the consoles and accessories.

The best part of video gaming is that your game favorites are available whenever you want them to be and as long as you want them to be.

It is even possible to play new release games before they are released. Game developers will usually make a demo version of the game available to players to check for glitches before they release the official game. There are even instances where you can be paid to play these demos. Imagine being paid just for playing a video game.

There are still many games that are available to play online for free. Unfortunately, these games are not the newest releases.

This does not mean that there are no new release games available, there are. They are usually demos put out by the developers to let you see what is yet to be released.

These demos are put out for gamers to try and share with their friends. If they like the demo it will create an interest in the game and attract more buyers.

The main games you will see online that are free are still exciting to play. There are still many games that are now considered “classics” that will never get old.

If you are a little older like I am, many of the newer games that have become available are very complicated and have many rules and regulations. I personally prefer the free online games, and they still provide plenty of entertainment for me.

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Essential Pointers When Shopping Online

Just a few years ago, nobody did their shopping online. Well, some people did, but most people wouldn’t trust their credit cards to an online vendor. Nowadays, it’s still a burgeoning marketplace, but the internet is the way million of people shop everyday.

What was completely unthinkable just a few years ago is almost the norm now: Millions of products bought and sold over the internet almost every day. Delivery is a cinch, and so is payment. And many many people are making lots of money on all sides. It represents a real revolution in the way merchandising is done. In fact, some people are calling it a new industrial revolution.

New sites seem to be popping up everyday, selling or buying almost any good or service you could conceive of. And as some sites go down, even more seem to rise up to replace them. Despite the dot com bust of a decade or more ago, the market is growing like never before.

The online marketplace is really the buyer’s paradise, as e-commerce sites all vie for the most consumers. Competition traditionally drives the price of similar goods and services down, while websites try to differentiate themselves by providing the best service.

Lots of people are still scared to jump on board the e-commerce bandwagon, though. The fear is that malicious sites or other actors could misappropriate credit card numbers or bank account information. That can lead to fraud or even ID theft.

On the flip side, many professionals indicate that such instances of fraud and theft are remarkably unusual, despite the frequent media depictions of them. They say it is relatively simple to avoid these kinds of criminal activity by simply guarding your own financial data in the same way you would in the real world. Tips include only shopping at sites that you know and trust, and taking advantage of well-regarded encryption technologies.

If you are worried about the potential for tracking your purchases, they not to worry there either. Credit card statements do indicate what shopping you have done, but not what you have actually bought.

With all the safeguards in place in the online marketplace, you shouldn’t feel too resistant to the appeal of online shopping, especially with all the benefits and ease that it offers.

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Google Trends Is A Feature That Helps You To Analyze And Compare Regular Keywords

I’m sure most of you are very familiar with the internet and all it has to offer. Thanks to search engines we can find almost anything on the internet. With so many different conditions of search engines, there are constantly new applications to help keep up with them.

Today we are going to discuss an application made available by Google. This application is called Google Trends. This application makes it possible to analyze the keywords you want and also makes it possible to compare those words to popular key words.

First, popular keywords are words of different things that most people look for. This is a good opportunity for bloggers to make use of these keywords to attract viewers to their blog.

A blogger can use this to their advantage. If they write articles that are related to the keywords people are looking for, it can increase their popularity and their rating.

Bloggers can take advantage of product and business marketing by knowing what the popular products and keywords are in the search engines. This can increase the traffic and popularity of the website and bring more viewers.

Google Trends is also known to be able to point out geographical hot spots. Meaning it can tell you what is most popular in different areas of the world. This can give us the advantage of know when what to advertise to whom to attract the most attention to the site.

While Google Trends is known more for giving online business the advantage, these methods can still be used for selling physical products in markets that are local as well.

One way to use Google Trends to increase business is to use it to search products that are popular right here in our country. You can even base it on what is popular is certain seasons.

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Using traditional forums to create good quality links.

SEO Training – finding good links and getting link juice should you listen to commentators in the last 10 years then you would be pardoned for thinking that web 2. Web-sites such as Face book and MySpace were the only means people today could communicate online. It pretty much seems that before these two sites appeared all we could accomplish was send emails as well as phone each other. But this does the web a great injustice because way before social networking came out there was already a large, flourishing network of like-minded individuals communicating and collaborating in many varied ways.

One of the most common techniques of discussion and one which is certainly booming these days is the ‘forum’. Forums are essentially discussion boards where folks might start off a ‘thread’ and other individuals add to it, or perhaps merely begin a big debate regarding the topic at hand. Because of the substantial range of topics in the world as well as the massive quantity of people with access to the Internet, generally there is usually an almost unlimited quantity of boards in which you could end up being a part of, several currently being much more popular than some.

Boards can certainly be especially positive to the Google domination strategy for the reason that they could achieve not one but two functions in our mission. Firstly, they can certainly often be an excellent place to get hold of one-way links through (and hyperlinks support your search engine ranking) and secondly, as a result of friendly conversation one may potentially acquire brand-new prospects along with fresh clients.

However attaching back links to the community forum messages is mostly a major ‘no’ within several forums, therefore a lot like social networking, you have to be a little touch clever concerning it.

One part of the website that a lot of boards contain in common will be the ‘signature’. This is the part of code that is added to each and every post you make and often you are able to add back links to it. A word of warning though – certain boards frown on adding signatures early on and it’s worth getting involved in the discussion board initially and getting a little bit of a name for yourself before contributing any. In fact, many forums impose a principle where you have to have posted a particular quantity of comments before they’ll permit you to put some kind of signature to your articles.

What you need to keep in mind will be that when you find yourself involved in some kind of community forum, you will be essentially a guest on their system and if you do anything at all which goes against their own policies or even ethics, they’re quite inside of their own rights to remove anyone from the forum. There’s additionally something more important to be cautious about – the ‘no-follow’ tag.

The Online world of forums is actually separated just about consistently between folks that adore visitors and their hyperlinks, and those who don’t. It’s a chicken and egg issue simply because those who might actively encourage you to place links on their internet sites can finish up getting a great deal of visitors and for that reason an abundance of hyperlinks themselves – increasing global recognition, however they would likely also get an awful lot of junk.

But those who don’t like everyone leaving hyperlinks or merely make it really complicated to do so may lose out on a lot of site visitors. At the end of the day, it really depends on the subject of the site and whether it’s monetized in any way. Some of those that don’t like you leaving links will sometimes give each link an attribute that was introduced only a few years ago, the ‘no follow’.

This attribute is entered as part of a standard link and is notified by the code reel=’no follow’ near the ‘anchor’ tag. What this does is tell search spiders (the routines that search engines send out to examine the web) that the link it is about to look at should not be ‘followed’, in effect it should be ignored…

Now, many SEO experts disagree as to whether this actually means a link using ‘no follow’ is completely pointless and some will show evidence that shows that it does actually make a difference and shouldn’t be discounted completely, however most will agree that if you’re going to look for links, make more of an effort on those that don’t use this attribute.

So now we just need to find out how to discover whether it’s no follow or not and luckily it’s easy, you see the source of the page that you’re viewing will give the game away. If you’re using either Internet Explorer or Firefox this is easy, simply click on the ‘menu’ item and choose ‘view source’. You’ll be presented with what may look like a bunch of scary code but all you need to do is hit ‘ctrl-F’ to bring up the ‘find’ command and do a search for one of the links on the page. Then, simply look for ‘reel=no follow’. If you find it and you’re just looking for links then you can move on, but if you want to stick around because you’re interested in the subject – check it out a bit deeper.

They are less likely to be full of spam and therefore worth more in general social networking. Also, it could be that they allow links after you’ve given a bit back to the community.

So that’s it really. Investigate and analyze your link building techniques and you’ll find ways to increase your website’s SERPs without breaking the bank.

SEO Training

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Have Affordable Cameras Ruined Photography?

There’s a strong vein of opinion that dictates that the simpler it takes to do something, the worse the entire medium becomes. Numerous people are of the viewpoint that punk rock slain music as it ended being about the capacity to play an instrument, and countless awful bands formed as a result. This vein of viewpoint has spread into almost all art forms.

Think about the pretty haughty opinions of numerous professional writers regarding bloggers. To hear an expert writer discussing the Internet is to listen to somebody who feels that they are at a high class party that has been gate crashed by barbarians – as if the reality that it is now easier to self-publish means that bloggers are terrible writers per se.

The same band of opinion is present in photography. It was once the scenario that to possess a camera you needed to invest a lot of money, and as a result, there have been a lesser number of photographers – and when these people took a photograph, they had to be sure it was excellent. Right now, you can buy a digital camera for not much cash, and more and more people are taking a lot more photos.

Has this led to the death of photography being an art form? Only the deluded would certainly think so. With the innovations that have occurred, people who have talent although not much cash can now allow their talent discover a crowd. For sure, these days there are more bad photographers than ever before, but this does not mean there are less good ones.

The Perfect Slide Show

If digital photography can be thanked for one development, it must surely be the rehabilitation of slide shows. If you’ve ever been cornered by a pal who just returned from holiday getaway who demanded that you come and view their slides, you’ve known what it is to die a bit inside. Nonetheless, online slide shows are much less about looking at three versions of the same photograph of the Acropolis, and more about slick presentation.

Anyone can certainly create slide show now, with the advancement of digital slide shows. The course of action is a whole lot more dynamic and the pictures are displayed in a far more eye-catching way (although anything is a lot more eye-catching than a number of out-of-focus shots beamed onto a wall). The choice to incorporate music also makes the process more fun to create and to watch.

The convenience with which photographs can be saved and rearranged on the internet implies that there’s a much more engaging sense of sequence to an online slide show than the traditional way. Individuals can easily see the photos a lot more clearly, watch at their own speed, and click back to view a picture that made them smile.

Certainly, more slide shows imply “more bad slide shows” also. However with the more modern way of doing things, you don’t need to sit around awaiting a terrible one to end. This advancement is unquestionably a positive one for anyone who has endured a slide show from hell once too often.

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Adventures In IT Episode # 1: “Ca Man To The Rescue”

Watch The Adventures of CA Man and IT Guy. In a brand new Web series from CA, follow “IT Guy” as he teams up with “CA Man” to save the network from a variety of dangerous foes! New episodes and trailers every Monday and Friday. Watch below to find out what happens to IT Guy and CA Man!

The server is down. Financial transactions arent posting. Workers cant access the internet. And the on-site IT Guy has to call for reinforcements. Who shows up to save the day? Why, CA Man, of course, armed with powerful CA software solutions: eHealth Spectrum, Workload Automation, Application Performance Management and Service Desk. Watch as CA Man and IT Guy battle the fierce server monster to regain control of the network!

What do you think about it? Waiting for your comments….