Google Calendar Has Been Completely Revamped for the Web

It’s a total redesign. Here’s what you need to know.

Google’s popular online Calendar has received a redesign.

The search giant said Tuesday that its Calendar app for desktop computers has been upgraded to resemble its more nimble and aesthetically pleasing counterpart for smartphones.

The updated Calendar app seems primarily geared toward customers of Google’s G Suite lineup of business apps, formerly known as Google goog Apps for Work.

With the new update, corporate IT administrators will be able to set up office conference rooms into the app, so people can see whether or not a particular room has been booked for meeting on their digital calendars.

Once set up, employees can search for conference rooms via the Calendar app and book the space and invite other workers to any meetings they set up. They will also be able to see whether those conference rooms contain any particular audio or video equipment or if they are wheelchair accessible if their IT staff properly configured the digital calendars.

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People will also be able to add any spreadsheets or documents related to their meetings directly to the Calendar app, so people can access the necessary files without having to open other apps like Google Drive.

If an employee receives an invite for a meeting, they will see a portion of their calendar blocked off in the calendar app that’s “all in one color,” according to a tutorial on the new calendar. If people indicated that they will “maybe” attend the proposed meeting, they will see diagonal lines instead of one color, and if they haven’t replied, they will “just see the event’s outline” in the calendar app.

Customers can also choose to hide the weekends from their calendar so they can only see their workweek, according to the tutorial. They can also choose to see a view of the entire year truncated into calendar form.

Google plans to automatically convert its current calendar app to the updated version between Nov. 14 and Nov. 28. Interested companies can choose to manually update the app starting Tuesday.


Google Also Found Russia-Backed Ads on YouTube and Gmail

Google has discovered that Russian operatives spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads on YouTube, Gmail, Google search, and other products, The Washington Post reported on Monday.

The ads do not appear to be from the same Kremlin-affiliated entity that bought ads on Facebook fb , which may indicate a broader Russian online disinformation effort, the paper reported. Google runs the world’s largest online advertising business and YouTube is the world’s largest online video site.

Google, owned by Alphabet googl , did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the story.

Google has downplayed the possibility of Russian influence on its platforms, but launched a probe into the matter, according to the Post. Both Twitter twtr and Facebook have said that Russia bought ads and had accounts on their platforms.

Meanwhile, Congress has started multiple investigations into the Russian interference in the 2016 election, with lawmakers on both political sides saying Russia intended to sow discord in the United States, spread propaganda, and sway the election to elect President Donald Trump.

Google officials are expected to testify publicly before both the House and Senate intelligence committees on Nov. 1 alongside Facebook and Twitter about Russian attempts to use their platforms to influence the election.


Famed Architect’s Lawsuit Against Google Just Got Much More Serious

Eli Attia alleges he wasn’t the only one mistreated by the search giant.

A long-running lawsuit filed against Google by a prominent architect has just gotten much broader.

Last week, the Superior Court of California granted a motion adding racketeering charges to the civil case being pursued against Google by Eli Attia, an expert in high-rise construction. Attia claims Google stole his idea for an innovative building design method – and now he wants to prove that it does the same thing frequently.

Attia’s suit was originally filed in 2014, four years after he began discussions with Google (prior to its reorganization as Alphabet) about developing software based on a set of concepts he called Engineered Architecture. Attia has said Engineered Architecture, broadly described as a modular approach to building, would revolutionize the design and construction of large buildings. Attia developed the concepts based on insights gleaned from his high-profile architecture career, and has called them his life’s work.

Google executives including Google X cofounder Astro Teller came to share his enthusiasm, and championed developing software based on Engineered Architecture as one of the company’s “moonshots.” But Attia claims the company later used his ideas without fulfilling an agreement to pay to license them.

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Attia’s suit names not just Google, but individual executives including founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It also names Flux Factory, the unit Attia’s suit alleges was spun off specifically to capitalize on his ideas.

Speaking to the San Jose Mercury News, Attia’s lawyer claims Google told Attia his project had been cancelled, “when in fact they were going full blast on it.” Flux Factory is now known as Flux, and touts itself as “the first company launched by Google X.”

Attia’s suit will now also seek to prove that his case is representative of a much broader pattern of behavior by Alphabet. According to court documents, the motion to add racketeering charges hinged on six similar incidents. Those incidents aren’t specified in the latest court proceedings, but Alphabet has faced a similar trade-secrets battle this summer over X’s Project Loon, which has already led to Loon being stripped of some patents.

The idea of racketeering charges entering the picture will surprise many who associate them with violent organized criminals. But under RICO statutes, civil racketeering suits can be brought by private litigants against organizations and individuals alleged to have engaged in ongoing misdeeds. The broader use of racketeering charges has slowly gained ground since the introduction of RICO laws in the 1960s, with some famous instances including suits against Major League Baseball and even the Los Angeles Police Department.


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Google Releases Cloud Console App for iOS And Android To Help Admins Manage
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Former Red Hat CTO now head of Google Cloud
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QR Codes and What They Are Used For

QR Codes are usually a two dimensional computer code that are scanned by a smartphone to immediately pull up info like URLs, phone number, video clips, photos, tunes, textual content etc QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ and they were originally produced in Japan by a organization named Denso-Wave in 1994.

In essence QR codes are 2 dimensional bar codes that can be read both vertically and horizontally. The codes consist of a grid of tiny squares. This allows for far more data to be encoded in a much smaller space than a conventional bar code. The codes are readable by smartphones and QR scanners.

Initially they were used to track car parts in Japan, where they are very popular, but now they have a much wider commercial use within the digital world. They can be added to a business card or an email to send someone with a reader directly to your website. So, whereas a bar code pretty much can only identify a product and needs a special device to be scanned, QR codes can embed much more information and trigger an action when read such as downloading a music file or launching a website directly on your phone. Imagine how easy this make it for someone to go to your website, without the bother of actually typing in the url, especially useful if you have a less than memorable or difficult to spell web address.

Some widespread uses of QR codes: Contact data – add all your contact data including phones numbers, business address, page as well as electronic mail Name tags: Add all your info to a person’s name tag at a conference and also colleagues can just scan it to download all a person’s details. Art: Street artist Banksy has a piece of work in a disused railway tunnel in London which consists of a coding system, when scanned this codification takes you directly to his Wikipedia web page. Shop Windows: In the US Google is distributing code decals to small businesses on Google Places, to be positioned in the store windows for passers-by to scan.

QR codes are still fairly alien to most people, so make it a little easier for them by adding something of value. Don’t just send them to your website when scanned, maybe send them to a special offer page, just for users of the codes, add something of value to encourage your users.

Whatever you decide to do enjoy using a person’s codes and start being creative as they are probably going to become extremely popular as more people surf the internet on their mobile phones.

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Google Places SEO

SEO for Google places involves optimizing local search tactics to get seen. the new Google search engine indexing involving local search engine preference over link status has left many SEO firms in a panic when clients see they are paying premium SEO and are now much lower in page rank. Yahoo and Bing local are also on the bandwagon with local searches occupying some of the best positions in rank within their algorithm. Local search engine marketing already has free servies which to optimize your local business with.

yelp, citysearch, google places, google maps, edmunds, insider pages, local social sites

Optimizing for Google local places is contingent on keyword listing both on page and links to local places pages. It is critical to maintain keywords sparingly and not to overstuff keywords on many local search engines. Your website can be affected diversely with abusing local Google places feature. the good thing is the local search algorithm in the new Google indexing is pretty democratic in allowing smaller business websites the chance to compete with large budget sites that in fact do not offer local services or are part of a corporate chain.

Google maps feature has been around for years so optimizing for this is a simple procedure. Local maps needs to be optimized with photos and video and on page text. Google places feature look like it has changed as some terms more related to links can appear as page one now. SEO for local search engine marketing has been slow to adapt to many of the changes found. One good example is the long haul some local business have made to finally adopt social media marketing as a strategic feature in their current marketing budget. In house social media is somewhat limited as it is a full time endeavor to engage clients within the social network and then push them into real client lead status.

The definitive line where social media meets Google places is drawing even finer which means businesses need to adopt social media and local search marketing as of equal importance as traditional SEO. Search engine optimization as it now exists with many providers is simply page rank,this is not marketing, this is just page indexing. Any SEO provider that in not optimizing your local search engine marketing and social media is doing your business an injustice. Social media with SEO and local search optimization begin to get a strategy of real client leads which mean the bottom line ,sales.

Utilizing local Google marketing can save you thousands of dollars in over hyped SEO and costly services. Many SEO firms for lawyers, attorneys and doctors simply charge too much for SEO services alone. If you are an attorney and your SEO company is charging you more than $5000 a month, even for huge searches like “Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer” you can hire a local SEO firm based in Los Angeles that will optimize local search engine marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM and generate client leads for less than $2000 per month.

Google places SEO is contingent on your SEO provider making it a priority in search indexing and not keeping the focus all on traditional SEO. Remember getting page ranking for large search terms is only one aspect of business marketing strategies. Getting real client leads and offline referrals from real clients are the optimal focus.

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Search Engine Optimization Secrets Revealed

I have written a book and a number of informational products about search engine optimization and improving a website ranking on Google. The question I often get is, “Whats the secret?” Aside from solid search engine optimization best practices, there are just a few truly secret techniques that make the difference to anyone looking for number 1 rankings.

My reason for believing that some techniques are really best kept secrets is because they are not talked about in SEO forums or within even some of the top SEO products. You might ask yourself why these aren’t discussed. The answer is simple. Some secrets, if shared may dilute the effectiveness of the technique.

Anyone constantly focused on SEO and you are anything like me, you probably want the fastest and quickest way to put your website on top of major search engine rankings. You know the value of having the number one position and want to get there.

I can promise you, as someone who makes a living selling online products, that being ranked number one makes a significant difference in your online results. The difference between a top ranking and receiving a lower ranking for your particular niche means making a living online or falling short of your online goals.

I’m sure by now you are wondering what some of these secrets are. I am happy to share one at no charge. Keep in mind that not every secret is all that esoteric or unique. It is more common that these secrets are traditional methods applies in a new way. That is how I view SEO related information because its rare that you find something that is all that new or different. More often than not, techniques are simply modified to get a result.

Here is the secret you have been waiting for. Simply put, if you want to achieve top rankings for any keyword you just have to follow the same strategy used by the top ranked website for that keyword or keyword phrase. This strategy is incredibly simple but not used by at least 98% of people doing business online. To duplicate the success of your number one competitor discover the techniques he is using to achieve the top position on search engine results.

The best place to start is by analyzing the links into your competitor’s website. These are referred to back links and carry a lot of weight when thinking about SEO. These third party links often contain link text that includes the keywords you want to rank highly for. Contact these websites and attempt to have them link to your website in the same manner.

The obvious challenge here is not only finding who is linking to your competitor, but to actually build links from the same web pages. This if often easier said than done. The good news is that there are a number of software programs that can help you do this. I’ve personally used a number of them and can tell you that they work.

If you follow this technique and discover the road map of success left by your competitors, you can dramatically improve your website ranking for the specific keywords you choose. It takes work however so start your research and being building the right kind of links to your website. The results will amaze you.

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Are BANS Sites Still Capable Of Making Money For Beginners?

The Build A Niche Storm Program (BANS) took the Internet Marketing world by storm a few years ago. It was so easy to use. Just install the script on your host, plug in a few category numbers from eBay and the script spit out a ready made website populated by auctions from eBay. To say that the BANS program was an immediate hit is an understatement.

During that period time, beginning Internet Marketers as well as seasoned Pro’s built multiple BANS sites. Some even went as far as to build huge networks consisting of hundreds of BANS sites. Many of these Marketers were pulling down 5 figures a month with their networks. Even the average Internet Marketer was making more with this program than they had with any other.

What a difference a year can make. About a year or so after the program came out, Google took the action of delisting many BANS sites from their index. No real reason was given, though many feel it was because they viewed the sites as thin affiliate sites.

As if the Google delisting wasn’t bad enough, eBay then started dropping affiliates. Many who survived the Google delisting suddenly lost their affiliate status with eBay. Many people who were making a comfortable income with BANS suddenly found their self without income as eBay would no longer allow them to be affiliates and stopped paying commissions on sales through their sites.

The question now begs, is it even worth to use the BANS program? I think so. But the Affiliate Marketer has to remember that new sites must have quality content. Both eBay and Google want websites that are helpful and useful to the Internet user. Simply throwing hundreds of these sites up with no content is a sure recipe for disaster.

Now days, there are other scripts on the market that can use eBay auctions on websites for added income. In fact, whole websites can be made around eBay auctions using tools and resources from eBay and software developers. Any site built around the Build A Niche Store program should have good content added. As long as Google and eBay are looking down on these script sites, the Internet Marketer needs to take action to limit running a foul of either of these companies.

Want to find out about using build a niche store to make money on the Internet, then make sure you read Don’s full Build A Niche Store review before ordering. You’ll also want to look at his PHPBay. The PHPBay program allows you to use WordPress to make money with eBay.

Google Caffeine Is An Enhanced Upcoming Google Search Engine

Not too long ago, a friend asked me about Google Caffeine and as my mind drew a blank all I could think of was a hot cup of coffee. In my newly sparked curiosity, I looked into this new product to see what it was all about. What I learned is that Google Caffeine is the new upcoming search engine for Google. Being a consumer also made this project more interesting to me.

While Google Caffeine is not ready and still being developed, Google has made a beta version for users to give it a test drive.

I decided to take this new Google Caffeine beta and give a test drive myself. I compared the beta to the original Google search engine and at this point did not find much difference. However, there was an improvement in the speed and accuracy.

To start off, try comparing the speed of the two search engines. Use just one word and when you get the search results do the same with the newer beta version to compare the difference in how fast it returns results.

I am confident you will find as I did that the beta version is faster than the original search engine was.

The next thing I did was test out the accuracy of the results returned by both Google search engines. I found that the beta version returned many more related search results than that of the original search engine. Also known as ‘less-related’ results, the original Google search engine would return then as a blended search option.

For most users, the finding of these tests may ease their worries. However, this may not be the case for others. The Key words are interrupted in many different ways, which can have an effect on the results and the order in which it returns results possible leaving higher ranking pages unsearched.

Hence, bloggers may need to update and optimize their sites to fit the new search engine format. Luckily, this is just a beta for everyone to try out and there are more changes to come.

In addition to Google Caffeine, this author also regularly writes on digital door lock and padlock combinations.

3 Helpful Tips About Local Search Ranking Factors

Getting your law firm discovered in local search results is becoming progressively more important. Nearly 40% of all search queries carried out every month have some type of local purpose (ie: state or city name, zip code, community, and so on.). There are certain techniques and factors that are important in helping your law practice website perform well for local queries.

1. Classify Your Practice Appropriately

Choosing the appropriate categories for your firm in local listings is extremely important. Many law firms do not spend adequate time considering which category terms to use. They discount this as a trivial step. When your potential clients are not looking up a specific law firm by name, they will first find firms by type. If you don’t associate your firm with the category they are in search of, you won’t be found.

2. The Value of Backlinks and Citiations

Hyperlinks From Similar Sites: Links are the currency of the internet. A hyperlink to your site is like a vote for your site in the eyes of the search engines like google. All things being equal, a lawyer’s website that has more backlinks from local and relevant websites will gain more presence in local search results.

Citations: Citations are references to your law firm name, address, and telephone number on different web sites. These references do not have to have a hyperlink to your web site. A good illustration of a citation would be an online lawyer directory where your practice is shown, but not linked to. Yet another might be a local yellow pages site.

3. The Name Of Your Law Firm

Your law firm title (ie: the name of your law firm) is a very important factor for ranking well in the local search engines. You really want your title to be consistent throughout the listings in addition to having it contain pertinent keywords to your practice. Having consistency helps your law firm establish confidence in the eyes of search engines. Including relevant words in the title helps your law practice receive better positioning when people conduct searches. As an example, The Law Offices of Joe Smith, found in Chicago, might create a title called Law Offices of Joe Smith | Chicago Family Attorney. Just keep the title consistent and uncomplicated. Do not attempt to stuff too many key terms into your title.

Our blog focuses on seo for lawyers. From the basics to advanced techniques, we provide insight on effective law firm search marketing campaigns. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our law firm search marketing specialists.

Online Shopping is the Way of the Future

In the next few years the face of shopping in Ireland will surely alter substantially. Men and women will have less cash and consequently much less buying energy. Numerous shops will go out of business. Combine this with the emerging World wide web shopping trend and it’s not too much a stretch of the imagination to see bricks and mortar shops becoming a thing belonging to the past. E-commerce shopping will probably be the standard. I view my own purchasing patterns as a indicator of things to come.

It is only a slight exaggeration to say that I purchase everything using the web. I don’t go shopping “down town” any more. I don’t really understand the appeal. Generally If I go to the nearby stores:

A. they won’t have what I’m looking for; naturally they will offer to order it for me. “How much time will that take” I enquire. “Two weeks” is the common response. Do they not realise that most reputable online shops will deliver to your doorway in two / 3 days now. By purchasing in town I’ve squandered time going to the shop the initial time and also I then will have to wait 2 weeks for the product before having to make an additional journey into town to collect the item. This has taken up lots of extra time not to mention added expense in petrol and parking fees. Why would I do this to myself when I can make the order on the web in 5 mins?

B. I’m stuck in a lengthy queue – I detest queues. I even hate how queue is spelt. Queues cause rage to develop and time to get eaten up. Christmas time queues are worse than dying and are to be definitely avoided at all costs. Queues for parking, queues for elevators, queues for toilets, queues for the till, queues everywhere . You can find no queues online.

C. I will get ripped off – Costs in Irish stores are much toohigh. A brick and mortar shop can not compete with an on-line shop for value for money. The virtual store does not possess thesame business expenses as a real shop and therefore it can give considerably lower prices.

The on-line world offers me less costly prices, a broader choice, quicker delivery, and delivery to my home. Why would I ever want the hassle of shopping down town again!

I guarantee you that I am not the only person who thinks in this way. With more and more men and women growing up with the internet along with a Broadband connection inside their home, the trend towards virtual shopping will continue.

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Google Trends Is A Feature That Helps You To Analyze And Compare Regular Keywords

I’m sure most of you are very familiar with the internet and all it has to offer. Thanks to search engines we can find almost anything on the internet. With so many different conditions of search engines, there are constantly new applications to help keep up with them.

Today we are going to discuss an application made available by Google. This application is called Google Trends. This application makes it possible to analyze the keywords you want and also makes it possible to compare those words to popular key words.

First, popular keywords are words of different things that most people look for. This is a good opportunity for bloggers to make use of these keywords to attract viewers to their blog.

A blogger can use this to their advantage. If they write articles that are related to the keywords people are looking for, it can increase their popularity and their rating.

Bloggers can take advantage of product and business marketing by knowing what the popular products and keywords are in the search engines. This can increase the traffic and popularity of the website and bring more viewers.

Google Trends is also known to be able to point out geographical hot spots. Meaning it can tell you what is most popular in different areas of the world. This can give us the advantage of know when what to advertise to whom to attract the most attention to the site.

While Google Trends is known more for giving online business the advantage, these methods can still be used for selling physical products in markets that are local as well.

One way to use Google Trends to increase business is to use it to search products that are popular right here in our country. You can even base it on what is popular is certain seasons.

Besides innovations, this writer also regularly writes on cycle trainer and gym workout gloves.

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How To Monetize Your Web Site

Earning money from ecommerce is not as easy as it used to be because of the colossal amount of competition. Therefore, you have to use every trick in the book to produce multiple earning streams from your web site and you have to give (potential) customers a reason to go to your web site.

There are many types of web sites possible, but I find that specialized niche sites are the easiest to monetize. So, rather than writing on ‘gardening’, write on ‘orchids’ and better still would be ‘orchids from Thailand’ or even ‘orchids native to northern Thailand’.

Taking this example, you should know something on the issue or at least have an interest in the issue. If you do not have enough knowledge to write at least five web pages, you need to do some research.

First, design and produce your web site, then write your front or home page. This page can either be a ‘welcome to our web site on Thai orchids from northern Thailand’ sort of page or you can merely jump straight in to the subject or you could compose a short welcoming paragraph and the rest of the page giving an introduction to the topic matter of the site.

Then create a couple more web pages and see which way the site is trending, because this can have an effect on the type of advertising you use. The next thing you need is a couple of suppliers. For this sort something like ‘suppliers of Thai orchids affiliate program’ into Google and see what pops up. (I just checked Thai orchids and there are Thai suppliers).

Sign up as an affiliate or enquire of them to make you an agent. The majority of of the suppliers of various items have their own banners and photos (known as ‘creatives’) for their affiliates to use. Choose adverts that fit in with the style of your site and place them at suitable points in the actual body text. Have the text wrap about the ad creatives so that they cannot be missed.

Keep these adverts as relevant as you can to the issue matter. Then go to Google Adsense, open an account if you do not have one and follow the instructions to make adverts that fit in with the structure of your pages. There is loads of advice and theory on where to put what on Google’s Adsense site.

Scatter two or three of those around your site too. Then go to a more general gardening affiliate web site where they sell accessories and add a few adverts on flower pots, hanging baskets, gardening tools and that sort of thing. Also put a few ads about garden furniture.

If you are stuck for approaches on pieces on Thai orchids compose a couple of filler pieces on gardening tools and oak garden furniture as well. Then you could look for publications on (Thai) orchids. Go to Amazon, open an account, and pick a couple of books on Thai orchids. Put their creatives on relevant pages and sell books. If you can find a magazine, become an affiliate and sell subscriptions.

And last but not least, have somewhere where visitors can join your newsletter. This way you build a specialized list of people who are interested in (Thai) orchids and you can send them not-to-be-missed extraordinary offers in your monthly newsletter.

Owen Jones, the autor of this piece, writes on several subjects, but is now involved with the web copywriting services. If you would like to know more, please visit our website at PLR pieces

Use PPC Marketing to Generate Traffic Combined With SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the practice by which enterprise owners garner the web attention that they will need to be able to land sales and make the profits which will aid them in their business. The objective is to get initial page placement of the business web site for particular key phrases. This is essential simply because the typical internet user rarely ever searches beyond the very first page of listings that he or she receives when utilizing a search engine.

Strong web based campaigns like an effective SEO campaign can result in improved rankings as well as corresponding visitors. Additionally to improved presence on-line, site and blog owners can discover a great deal about their users. This information in turn can drive web strategy, internet site expansion and content creation. That said search engine optimization provides quite a few substantial advantages that will help business moving forward.

Many little firms look to search engine optimization out of desperation. With limited budgets, the concept of SEO being of little or no expense is very appealing. Once businesses fully comprehend the benefits of SEO and focus on search tactics they may also come to recognize that search engine optimization can not only drive visitors but revenue for their business. Optimizing promotional pages and affiliate items have a direct influence on revenue. Even tactics like article marketing can drive revenue directly. This is an added benefit of efficient SEO campaigns.

Many people who take an interest in search engine optimization begin on their own. It is usually excellent if you have access to qualified SEO specialists but they could be costly and typically have extremely little availability. To be efficient at search engine optimization you are able to effortlessly start with printed resources, video tutorials or other useful programs. Think about learning what it is possible to about search engine optimization just before you invest in an expert to do the work for you.

PPC or pay-per-click marketing is one more tactic that normally is combined with search engine optimization for generating results. This often appeals to marketers since pay per click marketing can generate immediate visitors to a site or blog. The way it works is that an advertiser places an ad that appears on a search engine result page or partner internet site. When a browser clicks on that ad and is taken to a internet site, the advertiser pays a fee. This could be costly and ineffective if not managed properly. In combination with an efficient SEO campaign, it can drive positive outcomes.

Even though search engine optimization might appear to be probably the most cost-effective web marketing option, when employed in combination with pay-per-click advertising, marketers can generate targeted visitors to their web properties. It requires a deep understanding of both SEO and PPC to generate revenue producing campaigns. One of the best methods to think about the mixture of SEO and PPC is using search engine optimization as a long term technique and pay-per-click to manage real-time outcomes. In combination, you’ll have an effective strategy that works for your organization.

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A Few Ideas For Link Building

Link building is a process where you create as many links to your sites as possible through many different means. Some on the methods that can be used to do this is by exchanging links with sites similar to yours, submitting your site to directories and search engines, sending out newsletters and many more.

The more links that direct to your website, the higher the popularity of the site will become and you will see a substantial rise in traffic. A really fast and effective method is link exchanges. This is done by offering a webmaster the opportunity to place his link on your site if he will do the same for you in return.

A couple of the very common and favored way to create links is through article and blog marketing. By writing a few very informative articles you can quickly create awareness of your website or brand on the internet. The links are created when you either place them in the article itself or in your signature that links back to the website you are promoting.

You can submit your articles to some of the more popular article directories which allow you to place links in your article or in the signature that you create. To further boost the popularity of your website you can start a few blogs that you link back to the site. Create a presence is by starting one or two blogs that are related and linked to your domain.

Ezines and newsletter are also very handy tools to use. There are many places that have very popular ezines that have thousands of subscribers. By placing an ad in these newsletters with your links, you will be able to drive masses if traffic to your site.

By doing link building properly and getting high quality links, you can quickly become a popular presence on the net and grow your sales and traffic. It is important to get excellent quality links if you want to get indexed by major search engines and also be seen as a great resource on the net.

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Receiving Organic Search Engine Optimization Gains In Web Retail

There are a variety of useful benefits towards setting up Organic Search Engine Optimization for an internet-based business (or ‘e-business’). The term ‘organic’ in the case of online search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the notion of internet searches returning only relevant results. This is in contrast to internet searches that return mostly advertising, and at times wildly unrelated search results that potential customers may find annoying.

With organic SEO results set up for your business, the benefits are easy to comprehend. Instead of only seeing one’s e-business show up in unwanted advertising results where customers are less likely to actively pursue the services of your e-business, your e-business will be regulated to show up strictly in the results of interested customers. For instance, if you have a e-business that centers on the delivery of flowers and other special-occasion gifts then only deliberate online queries for terms (like “flowers”, “mother’s day gifts”, “birthdays”, etc.) will bring internet customers to your e-business site.

An additional bonus of specific SEO strategies is the added perceived business integrity. The world wide web itself is a tool that many customers have used for years now, and as such people are very well-accustomed to the things they would rather avoid in terms of e-retail tactics. On of the major ‘traps’ of the e-retail marketplace are the blatant ads that are returned alongside legitimate SEO results in a web engine query, and these experienced e-customers will find it easier to ignore the sites that have little or nothing to do with their original search terms.

No seasoned e-shopper wants to do business with an e-company that associates itself with the dreaded ‘spam’ tactics, in general. From the unwelcome emails that are generated by unscrupulous e-vendors (which largely have been regulated to most people’s spam-filter folder to take it out of daily-viewing) it’s plain to see that ‘spam’ tactics has itself become a black-eye on the power of the internet’s ability to successfully sell to customers. Out of that truth comes the need for internet advertising to start treating the e-customer as more than a receptacle for random solicitation.

Due to this, it makes sense to resist the urge to ignore SEO strategies in favor of random ‘spam’ tactics for your e-company. Newer businesses may worry about the lack of internet exposure they would receive by strictly using SEO strategies in favor of the wide-net ‘spam’ tactics, and in some cases both options may offer bonuses for e-companies depending on their products/services. It falls on the e-company itself to decide how they wish to be perceived in the world wide web’s marketplace, and the type of clientele they wish to attract for business.

Making an analysis of your specific e-company’s market (i. E. If it is a niche market, or a broader industry) is very useful when deciding on an advertising strategy. A new e-company could potentially gain many bonuses with a ‘spam’ tactic in terms of getting their name familiarized (albeit at the risk of alienating a number of potential future clients who dislike spam). SEO tactics could conversely make a person aware of an e-company they had never heard of when doing a specific internet search within competitive retail industries.

Whether your company employs a random search engine or an organically-optimized strategy, it’s always helpful to research the possibilities with SEO and how it can affect your e-business. With the potential for creating new business and long-lasting customers, SEO strategies are slowly healing the damage done by ‘spam’ strategies in the internet’s past retail infancy to match the maturity of the savvy e-customers.

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SEO Myths – Keyword Density

The process of improving ranking in search engine results is called Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO). It is uses techniques both on and off your site to make your website link appear higher in search engine results through keyword use. These keywords are related to your products, services and web content. Nobody has a breakdown of the Google algorithm and how it actually works so there are many SEO myths that circulate the web.

Keyword density is one common myth. If you search the web using “keyword density” as a term, it will reveal a host of websites that express a so-called keyword density rule. Some sites even give figures. The typical keyword make up of your homepage for example (such as 4%), however this is most definitely a myth.

How can you be sure that this is indeed a myth? Firstly, search engine developers from Google have expressed the importance that content should be designed for humans and not for computer bots. Content should be interesting and entertaining as web visitors will not care about your keyword density, in fact a high keyword density (if noticeable) can be very off putting and irritating for your readers.

If you have picked keywords that are relevant enough to your website, then you will find they fit naturally into your content anyway. Though if, for some reason, they have not naturally fitted in, you can revise the material to get an instance or two in there. Aside from that, just making sure that your keywords are in the key elements of the page, for example the meta title and description and header tags, will suffice.

Google and other search engines actually disregard “keyword stuffed” content wherever they can. Keyword stuffing is completely different to creating content that is keyword rich and search engines will prioritise those that are the latter. Interesting, well structure content is what any web owner should focus on. When your web content is applicable to your visitors, well written and interesting, your SEO results will greatly benefit.

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Is Google So Important?

Google has taken the world, especially the world of the World Wide Web by storm, there is no doubt of that and it just took them a decade or thereabouts to do it. Before the turn of the millennium, Google was a new nerdy toy – normal surfers used Yahoo or, in America, AOL. There were other choices but serious surfers knew that the rest were toys really.

Then came Google and it wiped the floor with AOL and, more recently, Yahoo as well. Google is the acknowledged master of Net search engines in the second decade of this millennium. You may think that is a good enough reason to explain why Google is so important. And why not?

However, there are other reasons why Google is so important. None of the other search engines empowered surfers to make any money except themselves. All the other search engines used all the information from surfers’ searches to empower and enrich themselves, whereas Google decided to give some back.

This idea, which was revolutionary at the time it was brought in, enabled anyone who could cobble together a website, the capability of earning a couple of dollars or even a fortune. Worldwide! Anyone! Not merely Net and computer-savvy students but anybody.

‘All’ they had to do was make a web site, put some interesting content on it and a couple of snippets of code supplied by Google and hey presto! Anyone clicking on that ad earned the web master money.

We do not actually know what percentage of earnings from clicks web masters get, but Google intimates that it is about fifty percent. You may think that this is fair or you may not, the fact is that some people in the world only earn a dollar or two for a hard day’s work, whereas anyone can earn a passive income from Google’s Adsense.

‘Passive income’ in the sense that you compose an interesting series of pieces, make them into a web site, add Google’s code, promote the web site and you will earn an income for possibly years to come. That means that in theory, an African village farmer’s child could earn far more than its parents.

The first time ever that this has happened and Google made it possible!

OK, Google is not a philanthropic organization or at least it did not start out that way, but it’s owners did have the foresight to realize that by sharing their earnings (or paying people to promote them, whichever way you choose to look at it) would encourage web masters to promote Google.

AOL and Yahoo must be kicking themselves for having been so greedy.

Anyway, that is why Google is so important. It is important because it created a new Net business model that you can now see other companies trying to copy. There are all sorts of firms, particularly networking sites offering a couple of cents earnings for putting in work and there are also advertisers paying publishers of web sites who put their ads up too, but Google did it first and they are still the market leaders.

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Getting Your Website To Top Page of Google

In this piece, let’s explore how to get as many of your entries as possible to the top position in Google. In earlier articles I used the search term “Expired Listing Leads” and the multiple entries on the top page of Google that are directed to my sites promoting the savings on the RedX expired listing lead service through FreeTrainer.Com.

As an approach to teaching the technique, I have resolved to share with your in real time, or at least daily posts the basic procedure to get multiple listings on the first page of Google for a particular search phrase. My method is to decide on a search phrase and promote my web links on the web such that a minimum of five of the ten results on the primary page of Google provide a link back to me.

As a first step you need to select a search phrase, I used Google’s Adsense Keyword tool for this project and find what search phrase is going to produce the most amount of traffic with the lowest degree of competition. For this project, I am promoting expired listing leads for real estate agents. As you use these search tools, you find that Real Estate is extremely competitive in web promotion so after some digging, I located the term “Real Estate Country” which provides about 1.2 million searches per month and is relatively sparse in the way of competition.

It is also important to note that when you narrow your target geography, the number of available searches will diminish accordingly, the number of monthly searches will be a lot less and much more targeted. In any case, the same logic applies. Select the phrase with the largest quantity of searches that will be made most often by your target customers.

Once you have located the opportune phrase, register a URL with that term included. I have found success with the dot com’s, orgs, net, and me’s and generally try to stick with those web extensions. If necessary, use hyphens to get your desired URL, but your target phrase needs to be part of the primary URL.

In summary, here is step one: Choose a keyword that does not have a lot of competition, but does have a high number of searches. Register your URL with that keyword. We will work on the site in the next discussion.

Perry Xyllion is managing editor and creative director for lockbox and supra ekey. Real estate websites dedicated to helping realty professionals attract leads and grow their business

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Get Ranked on Google by Using SEO Consultants

Today you can consider the world as a global community. The biggest reason for this is the internet technology we’ve been able to tap into over the years. It’s given us the ability to reach anyone around the world that has access, which used to be thought as an impossible feat. Those who have online businesses can take advantage of this huge market by using SEO or search engine optimization.

It would be nice if you could build a website and just start making money, but it’s simply not the case. Anyone who owns an online business has to use specific strategies to become viewable to the world. Individuals who understand this are able to increase their competitive edge and grow their client base.

In business, how you position yourself in the market is crucial to the success of your company. Getting the positioning right significantly increases the number of customers that are aware of your company. With the right strategy, you can generate substantial business and even succeed to tap into markets that you would otherwise not be able to reach. Of course the secret to getting your internet strategy right must begin by setting up your website. It is only once your company website is up and running that you can start to work on increasing its visibility online.

This is a very difficult task to do on your own, especially if you don’t know much about the online world. Those who don’t want to learn everything themselves before getting started will turn to SEO experts. They offer specific methods and techniques to help you rank higher in the search engines and increase your overall traffic.

You can try to do SEO by yourself, but most individuals opt for an SEO expert. This alleviates a lot of time and gives you the opportunity to be more successful in a shorter period of time. In the end it’s simply more beneficial.

It doesn’t matter what type of niche target marketing you’re working with online, SEO consultants can apply specific techniques to make it happen. One of them is through the use of keywords that will best describe your product. So when someone heads to a search engine (like Google) and enters a keyword relevant to your product, your website will be a visible choice. This means you need to at least be on the first page.

The emphasis on the first page is important, as research on search engine user habits has consistently shown that users will rarely go past the first page of displayed results. Thus having your website on the first page increases the traffic to your site.

The internet marketing strategy employed by the SEO consultant will also involve making your website more user-friendly. It is one thing to get customers to your website by ranking high up on search engines – but it is completely another to get them to explore your website, look at the products and eventually make a purchase.

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