Make Your Business More Efficient With Perpetual Plaques

Surprisingly there are many people out there who don’t know exactly what the term “perpetual plaque” means. I’m sure almost everyone has seen them, but in all probability you just passed them by without knowing their correct name or term. More or less, a perpetual plaque is an award plaques that gives you the chance of adding individual engraving plates for monthly or yearly award winners. 

An example of a good use for this award is the fact that I am in a city basketball league and we have a traveling trophy that we rotate to each of the winners for that particular year. It’s a great way to relive your glories of the past and it also makes sure that your fellow competitors don’t for get when you won’t it all .

A second suggested use for perpetual plaques is having an Employee of the Month or Salesperson of the Month awards. By adding this gimmick to your job you advance a healthy dose of one-upping to your employees or sales force and therefore you push each employee to out achieve the other. People love to have their names etched on accolades such as perpetual plaques knowing that no matter what happens in the future, their name will always stay on that trophy.

Another suggested use of perpetual plaques is when you have an organization, school, Christian church or event that people have donated time or money to your cause. When people donate their time , you want to be sure that they are recognized for their efforts and there is no better way than having a large dedication plaque with their name engraved on it. A donation plaque is nothing more than a bigger version of perpetual plaques and the amount of individual plates can go up into the hundreds or as many  . 

It’s very obvious that there are many different uses for an custom perpetual plaques and now that you know what they are you can begin to use them for your own personal .

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