Check Out Kurty Durty’s New Album

Hard at work in the studio, Kurty Durty was  trying to get his album  in the  ears   of fans . He promotes Hip Hop in a way no other artist has done in the past  7 years . The lyrical proficiencythis young kid   contains  is hard to find  in the HIp Hop  industry   currently    . The album “HipHopology: The Study Of Hip Hop,” takes you on a ride like no other.  This artist   also has a  few    special guest   from Hip Hop’s most recognizableartist such as, Warren G, DPG, Valet & Nuf Ced.” My songs  is like my life,  I wouldn’t dare   trade it for nobody. I uttered that in song entitled, My Music.” 

 HipHopology   is more  than just a caboodle of dance tunes  and jingles  combined   to get sales. This album  contains nothing outside of   Hip Hop and  this young emcee’s   wishto create  real  music. This young M.C.  has put out three singles off his album . “Get It Jumpin” is an all out society song, it was  made   to get every one  in the club  moving . “Jus U And Me” was created for the women population. On this song Kurty durty expresses his love for his  his only women  . “Ok We Run This” is a street anthem, Kurty Durty took it back to where it all started.

Being able to be your self in the music business  today   is   hard   . Emcee’s are told what to do and who to be like. This is why a lot of music sounds the same, it’s because artist aren’t being themselves. They are doing what everyone else is doing, because at the end of the day it’s all aboutsales. How much can you sell, not how good can you rap. Rather HipHopology sells or not I would still give the album at least three and a half stars. Check Kurty Durty out at the sites listed below.



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