6 Tips to Help You Get Started with Ecommerce SEO

Tip One What is the best way to make your ecommerce site search engine friendly? Keep in mind that the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) are the same for an ecommerce site as they are for a government site about sidewalk renovation. SEO is generally considered to have two basic categories, on-page (or on-site) and off-page (or off-site), and this is especially important for you as an online merchant. Your on-site optimization generally concerns your content, and content includes articles, product descriptions, menu names, sub-menus, headlines, and anything else that has text. On-site optimization also includes your site architecture, meaning the organization of your categories, products and pages. Off-page, or off-site optimization generally concerns quality and number of back links pointing to your site’s pages.

Tip Two Search engines always try to give users whatever they can find that is relevant to their search. You have to realize that most search engines don’t work by moving the good stuff towards the top: instead, they try to push the bad stuff towards the bottom, and hope that what’s good will ‘float up’. Content is King and it can get you good search engine rankings easily if it’s written properly and sprinkled with the appropriate keywords. This not only brings visitors to your site but also feeds search engine spiders and crawlers. Good content is not only key to good search engine optimization but essential for your business because your success relies on response from human visitors.

Tip three: A basic understanding of search engines can be invaluable in driving customers to your site. Google’s search engine is based on page rank, a complex algorithm that was revolutionary when it was invented. This page rank is the primary reason that Google is so popular. The Page Ranking technology that Google has created and the evolutionary steps that Google has taken to increase the strength of its algorithm has made it a search engine giant that has assumed a major role in the success of ecommerce merchants. Basically, Google checks the number of links to each site in its database, and treats them as ‘votes’. By understanding how Google and the other search engines rank sites, you can influence the position and prominence of your site in the search engine pages.

Tip Four: There are many different ways of increasing the amount of traffic to your website, but most have one weakness in common, and that is you usually only get one chance to put your sales message in front of the customer. Autoresponders can be an invaluable resource in building a community base of buyers. An autorepsonder allows you to publish a newsletter you can send out to your list of visitors who sign up. In this way you have multiple opportunities to essentially ask your visitors to buy from you.

Tip Five Many of the content decisions for your website will be done with instinct. You need to be sure the content flows naturally. Natural flowing content leads easily to other issues. One subject should flow into the other seamlessly. The same is true with the placement of other website functions. When you are writing, consider the placement of submit” buttons or other links on the page. This can help you develop content that looks great on the page as well as sounds great to the reader. If a piece feels unnatural when it’s being written, it will likely look uncomfortable to the reader and will be a disaster on your website.

Tip Six Use the power or press releases. The press release is both an SEO and traffic strategy. The press release itself will bring traffic. Even an off-line press release done through a local paper will influence SEO because the search engines respond to traffic. However, your Internet press releases–in addition to traffic–will themselves provide back links to your site and so can be important, especially when they rank well for your site’s keywords. Press releases can also appear as news items on Google and Yahoo!. For that reason, although you can do press releases yourself for free, it might be worth spending the money to have a firm who guarantees a spot on Google News do your press release.

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