Turn Cheap Goods Straight Into Hard Cash Cows

This strategy is similar to the former method in that your main goal is to purchase goods for cheap and sell them for a tidy income. The real difference is you are going to focus on usual products rather than antiques or collectibles, and you will be acquiring these items from various sources.

Here is the key:

You’re going to buy liquidated products, closeouts, overstocks or other seriously reduced products. Then you will market them individually to consumer or perhaps in wholesale to a different vendor. The best part about this $10,000 per month technique is that i’ts recession proof. Indeed, it really works more effectively in difficult financial times, since there are often shops liquidating their stock and going out of business. You can turn their bankruptcies as well as misfortunes into your cash cows!

Here is exactly how to do it:

a) Look for sources online by making use of search phrases like liquidations as well as closeouts. One source is the Closeout News, which is a subscription based print publication. There are likewise advertisements on their online sites.

b) Check out eBay for merchants selling items in large quantities. You can usually acquire bulk goods much cheaper per piece than if you purchased them individually.

c) Keep close track of your local region for businesses going out of business. But here’s the secret a lot of people will not let you know never merely look for shops with regular items you could resell…

Remember, every kind of business would have products they have to dispose of right from business furniture to office supplies. And even the retail stores will have accessories and other items aside from their inventory. You could walk in, speak with the proprietor, and make a money offer for everything.

Once you have your marked down products in hand, there are many ways you can make a profit (depending on the merchandise and how many pieces you have):

Market the items individually to consumers through your classified ads, CraigsList or eBay. If you acquired a deep price reduction, you will likely be able to offer the item at a discount to your clients as well (while still making a good profit for yourself).

Market via the internet in bulk to another vendor (again, through eBay or a classified website). You won’t make just as much income as when you sell them individually, but it likewise won’t be as much hassle (and you’ll recoup your investment as well as earn an income faster).

Market the products at a wholesale selling price to your local vendors. In case you bought the products below wholesale price, then you could sell them at wholesale price to local merchants. It is a win-win situation you generate income flipping the items quickly, and the merchant eventually can make more money as well.

Organize to sell the products on consignment with local merchants. You might even make an arrangement to install and maintain a display in one or more local shops, where you and the merchant split the profits.

Get a table at your nearby flea market and market the products. If you have any high-traffic flea markets locally, you might find it very profitable to lease a regular stand and market your items all summer long (or all year long, if it is an indoor market).

These are merely a couple of ideas to get you started buying bargain products and selling them for an income.

But it is actually just the tip of the iceberg. Never let the simplicity mislead you, since there are people doing this in their free time (a few hours each week) and getting $10,000 each month. Visualize how much money you could make if you did it full time!

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