HostGator Web Hosting Support Review – Will they Actually Offer an Excellent Web Host Support?

I am positive that if you are going to this page, you will be interested in website host. A web hosting company popularly known as Hostgator is among the fastest expanding and the very best in internet hosting industry today. The organization already has more that 1.5 million websites hosted and still going stronger each day. The current Chief Executive officer brought the company alive during his University days and since then it’s grown to become among the big players in website hosting market.

If you are searching for finest offers and testimonials on this subject, than please check out Hostgator coupons. HostGator as website hosting company offers different kind of service with variation in prices. The help are customer friendly for 2 reasons;

1)You are allowed to choose the real package you believe it fits your internet hosting needs

2) You have chance to choose more sophisticated plan with little or no cost as your business develops.

There’s a particular fact that distinguish Host Gator from other web host provider. It allows clients to become paying their web hosting charges every month.

As I have talked about earlier, the organization offer types of web hosting package like dedicated internet hosting, shared hosting and web host reseller. Each hosting bundle with different price options based on your website hosting needs.

HostGator shared Hosting Package – This offers different types of choices to Hosting that is shared client. The plan to consider up depends on customer needs and budget. This specific package are classified into three namely; Baby, Hatching and Business.

The most typical out of the three is Baby package which is pretty much exactly the same with plans provided by competitors in hosting field but with a little more benefits. The services to enjoy under this plan of action are unlimited domain, lots of bandwidth, and unlimited disk space. Actually the master plan prices from $4.95 to $12.95 monthly.

The result gotten from client review about Hostgator service says the organization has a very good and effective customer support and prompt tech support team team.

This is really wonderful with the fact they’ve got more 1.5 million domain names on their database.

In the survey carried out, it had been reported that clients do not have to wait for really miss clients support representative attention or technical support response for any issues to be resolved.

Not every hosting company companys like HostGator will deliver exceptional hosting service. You need to be careful in choosing one especially if you are simply starting out. HostGator domain web hosting has been tried and tested.

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What Web Hosting – Free Or Paid

Competition between web hosts is huge, they all want to prove themselves to be the best but nothing beats promotion like a happy customer, and I am one happy customer! Hostgator have proven to me that you really do get what you pay for.

There are new bloggers all the time, new forums popping up and new websites being created all the time. Everyone in this position has to start somewhere and usually the new users try their hand at the game the cheapest way possible, free web hosts. There are free platforms available for blogging, free hosts that let you use in house tools to create blogs, websites and forums and you plug away happily in the knowledge that all you need to do is keep on adding content, building a user base and have no worry about maintenance, backups or even the server costs, it’s all free right?

The lucky few suddenly find their website getting popular and very soon the site is eating up bandwidth and the free platform in question starts to notice this as it’s putting a strain on the server, so what happens next?

With an iron fist, that’s how. It’s been known that popular blog platforms and web hosts have firstly contacted their customers with a demand that they upgrade to their paid premium service and sometimes it’s been known for successful sites to be suspended until the change is made.

There have even been cases in the past where people have simply had their website deleted without notice without a chance to back it up. Think of all the time that could be spent on a website, hours and hours of writing content, SEO, promotion and advertising. All gone in an instant.

If you choose paid hosting you don’t have to worry about all this hassle, this trouble and the chance of losing everything you have worked for and you can sit back and work on your website knowing that your end users will have a much faster responding site, much more stable. Also, thrown in to the mix is the fact that you have just opened yourself up to a whole host of new options. Hostgator offer everything that you could ever need in a web host. The ‘Hatchling Plan’ is good for someone that just needs a single site but it’s guaranteed that you will want to open another site as well so the ‘Baby Plan’ is by far the best to take up, and will cover everything you will ever need for your website network.

They offer :

Unlimited Bandwidth : Never be penalised for the success of your site. Unlimited Disk Space : Your disk space will never run out. Unlimited Domains : Host as many websites as you need to with 1 account. Unlimited Sub Domains : Sub Domains allow things like ‘’ Unlimited FTP Accounts : FTP Accounts are used to upload files from your computer. Unlimited SQL Databases : Databases are the brain of your sites. Unlimited email Accounts : Create as many email accounts as you like. Automatic Script Installations : One click script installs.

The best bit is here though, while the Baby Plan costs $9.95 per month you can get a discount of a whopping $9.94 off your first month if you replace the standard coupon (when you sign up) with ‘cheapbabyplan’. This will set your checkout total to just $0.01 and if you really want the basic Hatchling Plan then just enter the code ‘cheaphatchlingplan’ for the same result.

Hostgator has served me well over the time and I can’t recommend them enough as a host. Live chat has taken care of any questions I have ever needed to ask and the customer support is the best I have ever used.

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