Tencent, Guangzhou Auto agree to collaborate on internet-connected cars

HONG KONG (Reuters) – China’s Tencent Holdings and Guangzhou Automobile Group Company Ltd have agreed to collaborate on internet-connected cars – a strategic pact that sent shares in Guangzhou Auto surging.

The development of self-driving cars and fast-changing technology have set in motion a flurry of alliances between internet giants and automakers. Earlier this year, Tencent bought 5 percent of U.S. electric car maker Tesla Inc for $ 1.78 billion.

Tencent and Guangzhou Auto will work together to develop internet-connected cars and artificial intelligence-aided driving, as well as explore investment in areas such as auto-related e-commerce, so-called new energy cars and auto insurance, the automaker said in a filing late on Monday.

Guangzhou Auto said it aimed to tap Tencent’s expertise in mobile payments, social networking, big data and artificial intelligence. Tencent will also provide cloud services and other technical support.

Hong Kong-listed shares of Guangzhou Auto were trading 5 percent higher on Tuesday morning. Tencent gained nearly 1 percent to a record high.

Tencent has been a relative latecomer among China’s largest tech firms to delve into the auto sector. E-commerce giant Alibaba Holdings [BABA.N] has a joint venture with Shanghai-based auto maker SAIC Motor Corp Ltd, while Baidu Inc [BIDU.O] has been developing self-driving cars.

Reporting by Sijia Jiang; Editing by Edwina Gibbs

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Boston MA – how to move your piano?

You cannot help feel passion in your spirit whenever a quiet snow falls gently on the Boston’s Beacon Hill. Cobblestone Streets lit with lanterns create the most picturesque postcards you could send. Boston Massachusetts is a grand winter getaway for holidays as both the city and the colonial era towns are worth discovering.

Boston has something from everyone to visit and enjoy including breathtaking museums, parks and theaters. The hotels and restaurants of Boston offer pleasant dining options whenever you want to eat out.

An extra winter tourist attraction is the TD Bank North Garden near the North End which is quite admired for sports lovers where the Bruins and Celtics play collectively.

For day wear people prefer comfortable yet stylish outfit including sneakers, snow boots etc. Though the tourist places don’t have any particular dressing regulations, you should check in advance. As for the evening, Bostonian dress up as per the demands of the occasion. You can wear elegant dresses or jackets while visiting the theaters or cafes. Interestingly, Boston municipality is the most technology oriented and employs the latest technology to serve its citizens in the best ways. According to a survey conducted by the Center for Digital Government, Boston is ranked first among the most digitally advanced cities in North America.

Boston comes alive on the New Years Eve. There are a lot of surprising events around 31st December even as the people wait for the New year to begin. Along with the events that draw attention are amazing parade throughout the city and the fireworks. The buttons for First Night2010 cost little more $15 and are readily available at retail outlets across Boston. Boston is a town you will fall in love with.

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Auto Insurance Guide – Useful Tips and Advice

Applying for car insurance would deal with the rates that depend on various factors which is not modifiable. Your sex, age, marital status and where you live are the factors involved. Many applicants believe that the credit scores, what car you are driving, how well you drive and how much coverage you buy will alter the costs but it won’t. You should reflect on reading an auto insurance guide. As a result, you will be knowledgeable on the process in applying and acquiring the finest deal present.

Initially, you must start reviewing the basics that an auto insurance guide generally presents. Details differ from state to state. Liability insurance pays for injuries and property damage that is caused by a crash or accident. However, this is evaluated by an insurance adjuster to determine if the situation happened due to your fault. It doesn’t cover your injuries or those of other people involve in your policy, or any damage to your vehicle. It is best to purchase no less than $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident and $50,000 for property damage, or no less than $300,000 if your policy offers a single limit. You are personally responsible for claims that go beyond your coverage.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist safety considers injuries to the occupants of your car and property damage results. If the other driver has no insurance or insufficient to use then it would be confirmed if the insurance will agree to it to be allocated. Collision insurance settles for damage to your vehicle in an accident. If your car is completely destroyed, you will collect what the insurer’s support that belongs to the pre-crash market value of your car, taking away your deductible. To get a hold of the general idea of what that possible be, try for an auto insurance guide which does display the details on how the insurance policy mechanism is. You can shell out added amount of money for whichever replacement-cost coverage for newer cars.

In a comprehensive policy, vehicular theft and non collision damage cases including animal collisions are covered. Lower rates for your vehicle are given once an anti-theft and tracking devices are utilized. You and your passengers are protected under medical or personal injury insurance even if it is your fault. Good health insurance is not necessary if you have healthy wellbeing. Twelve states are not offering no-fault policies based on an auto insurance guide that mostly insures a person from injuries and property damage even if you had the error. Getting gap insurance is useful if you owe higher amount than your car’s value.

In cutting down your rates, the company you opt for and the coverage you obtain can seriously manipulate the rates of the insurance policy. It is considerable if you shop around and grab on an auto insurance guide. Inspecting the rates in the net, inquiring insurance companies through their hotline, and seeking advice from an agent would be very supportive for you. Rates depend at all times on company’s operating cost, record of claims and formulas for making premiums. Looking closely on company’s financial position and consumer documentation is indispensable for your security. The last thing you may perhaps do is to set off for a low-cost insurance and then realize that it is unfeasible to insist for a claim.

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