Is MLM-Multi Level Marketing a Genius Opportunity or an Epic Catastrophe?

Before anything else, let me remind you of the fact that multi level marketing is not for everyone. Before you decide to go grab that opportunity, you better make sure you’re entirely committed to it as if it’s the break that will change your life forever.

I’ve been in the mlm-multi level marketing business for over 20 years now and I’ve earned millions from it. But that doesn’t mean you can just jump into my kind of business and expect it to work for you. It’s like wanting to become a doctor for half a million dollars per year. Don’t be stupid mate, not everybody can be a doctor, just as not everybody can be a multi level marketer. This requires patience, perseverance and commitment. You have to make this business your dream.

Of course, making it your dream means looking at it at the correct perspective. Balance out the pros and cons of the business, just as you would neither listen to the first cynic person who failed at network marketing and then concludes that multi level marketing is bad, nor are you going to take the MLM haters seriously when they enumerate their obviously one-sided story of why MLM doesn’t work. These people have never heard a person thank them for changing his life with this opportunity. They are one of those traditional employees working for fixed hours every day and then expect the government to do the rest when they grow old. Every business is a gamble and the stakes are normally high. I don’t want you to waste your time which is why I’m here to help you with my experience, and then you go figure the rest.

I started out as a full-time employee with linear salary. Eventually, I saw MLM and worked it out with my amateurish marketing skills. I made it to millions before I was 30. I could have taken that money and started something else: a real estate agency, a consultancy firm, several stores and the like—but I didn’t. Why would I anyway? I’ve got everything here with MLM. I managed to live my dream of financial freedom and carefree lifestyle while helping average people improve their lives. And for helping these people, I get to enjoy the awards that come with it. In short, I get paid for helping others. Moreover, I enjoy the good partnership that I establish with many people as I help them achieve four, five, six and even seven-figure incomes per month. I also helped small businesses grow and are now valued at $70 million. These things make me proud of the business and of myself, and should be enough reason for you to evaluate the business rather than merely listening to cynics and naysayers.

As a millionaire in this industry, I will vouch for MLM to be an authentic, sincere and reliable business model that can skyrocket you to success.

People who don’t really know how MLM works are the sensationalists behind the 97 percent failure rate. If we’re going to base it on real statistics, the DSA (Direct Selling Association) survey result shows that 7.5 percent of MLM distributors are full time while 21 percent make it part time. Talk about success and that’s so much more than any kind of marketing scheme ever. MLM opportunities breed more millionaires like no other industry on the planet.

But in order to achieve financial freedom at MLM, one has to understand that scams exist in every business model, may it be real estate, insurance, stock brokerage etc. In fact, these industries have way more scams and misconduct than MLM that you haven’t heard of.

Then why does MLM gets more visiblity when it comes to scams? Think of it this way, there are 800,000 insurance agents and several hundred thousand stock brokers in the US, but there are 16 million multil level marketers in the country. Around 475,000 people join in the industry weekly making it the most preferred home-based business model. It holds majority of online advertisement as if the internet is nothing but MLM.

There are two things you have to bear in mind about MLM. First, it’s not a person or an industry but a system. It’s a method of distribution where you steer your direction towards your personal goal. It enables you to earn in the sheets of a sales model, and the ratio of your sales and income is proportion. Whereas selling cars or real estate will only give you linear income.

Second, you have to identify the opportunity and separate it from what’s not.

So let’s divide MLM models in five categories:

First division is the part of the industry that offers money games, chain letters, gas cards, grocery or travel coupons, the software package and scams like that.

Second are the long-standing companies like Avon, Nu Skin, Amway, Mary Kay etc. which are tedious to grow now because they’ve been around forever. I, for one, avoid these kind of companies.

Third are the companies that remain stagnant and never make it big. They promise “stability” but there’s always something in their company that isn’t right– be it product, management, compensation plan or strategy. If you are to make real money in MLM, you need a company that goes massive at early stages, not 15 years later on.

Fourth, the companies of billionaires, Wall Street tycoons and celebrities. In fact, many Hollywood TV informercial moguls has an MLM company which many of them I’ve worked with, but none of them has ever succeded. They don’t have the heart and mind-set for MLM. I personally won’t join a company that doesn’t have the experience and capabilities of an MLM leader.

Finally, here’s my MLM business, one that is young and has everything align– from amazing product, compensation plan, capital, functions and leadership– ready to be the next big thing in the industry.

So if there’s anyone you have to listen to prior to joining MLM, its yourself. Do your homework and go figure out if its good for you. If a product is paired with good marketing, then go for it. No one can stop you but yourself. It’s all about you in the end.

To build a powerful MLM business you have to build the skills to attract lots of FREE MLM LEADS. It’s the key to you success.

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