How to Add Rel Nofollow

How to Add Rel Nofollow to External Links.

Rel nofollow (rel=”nofollow”) is a value that’s added to a hyperlink which specifies that the hyperlink should not be afforded additional rank or value. Adding this attribute to external links lets the search engines know that you don’t want to give that link additional “link juice.” [youtube:LmI6b85DzlI?fs=1;Where to Add [link:Rel Nofollow];]

If you don’t want to hurt your seo rankings and loose “link juice” then it’s important to remember to add rel=”nofollow” to any external links on your website.

It’s alright to have external links on your website, however you’ll want to make sure that you don’t lose link juice to your own website while doing it. That’s why you need to add this code to external links so that you don’t boost your competitors search engine rankings in the process.

How to Add Rel=”Nofollow” to Links:

a rel=”nofollow” href=”YourWebsiteHeredotcom”

Important Note:” Make sure that you add rel nofollow with quotes around nofollow and add this code before href. Make sure that you add an equals sign after rel and add a space between the end quote and href.

Rel Nofollow is a form of on-page seo and it’s important to follow proper on-page search engine optimization techniques if you want your content to show on the first page of Google.

Some of the important on-page search engine optimization factors include keyword in the description, title and url, proper h1, h2, and h3 tags, alt tags set for images, internal links within your website, and keyword font decoration.

If you’re not familiar with on-page seo and how to properly optimize your content then I highly recommend purchasing a WordPress plugin called Seo Pressor which will make your seo efforts so much easier to do.

It’s important to understand that both on-page and off-page seo play a critical role in achieving top search engine rankings. If you follow all of these techniques then your content could dominate the first page of the search engines but if you miss even one step you may never show up on the search engines at all.

Rel Nofollow is just one of the crucial ingredients to achieving top seo rankings. To find out the other crucial elements to achieving first page search engine results visit PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing.

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