Go green Pellet Stoves The clean heating source

You may  have ended up here subsequently paid, to much for your gas or electric bills for generations  .  With the rise of everything, the  middle-class   consumer is looking to pinch a penny anywhere available, without making cuts  !  You have stumbled upon the answer.  I converted to a breckwell pellet stove, years ago and have not looked back.  I decided to give as much info I can to help you make an informed decision.  There are so many unlike options for heating your home, from propane to natural gas, and wood or even pellet stoves.  Most people that live towards the south have probably never heard of some pellet stoves.  I have a coworkerfrom Florida that thought I was crazy.  Your burning pellets and corn? 

After showing to him what a pellet is comprised of, he laughed, and said so your burning wood?   Yes and no, pellets are made of a bi-product, the sawdust from the wood, and compressed tightly to burn.  The better its compressed the hotter the stove  can get.  These little pellets pack a kick  .  Pellet stoves also do not create a lot of creosote.  Creosote can clog up chimneys and lead to chimney problems  and costly  cleanup.  Yes a pellet stove can help save you from buying from Big Oil, but theres a few things you should know .  Also you should feel good about burning pellets, studies have shown that they have a low particle emission, which make them very GREEN , and environmentally friendly.

 Breckwell pellet stove  requireelectricity and do make your electric bill go up, but there’s a give and take, when it comes to this.  Would you rather pay the higher fluctuating oil costs, or just pay the standard electric rate.  You also have to be able to find wood pellets.  Being from a city in Vermont  , there are sellers around everywhere from Costco’s  to Walmart, and every retail   store like Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Buying in  large quantities  will help you get a better deal, if buying a pallet of wood pellets will save you 200  dollars then go for it .  You will need the pellets anyway.  Anything additional  from this year  will not be lost, you can use them next Edit this text .

Your local yellow page listing or online search should give you a working list of dealers for pellet stoves in your area . If you’re new to pellet stoves – it may be beneficial to see a working pellet stove, in person . bring your pad of paper with questions that are keeping you from buying  i.e. how to install a pellet stove, how difficult it is to maintain etc. 

For some jobs, it may be best to hire a professional . Cleaning the pellet stove pipe/ventilation system can be messy and difficult to do. Professionals have all the right equipment to handle these jobs and I let them clean my  vent  system out once about every year  . 

Theres a couple  pellet stoves I would consider  , particularly the Breckwell Stoves, since that is what I own

Breckwell Big-E Utility pellet stove, and Breckwell P24 are a few I would recommend. This stove can heat up to 2,000 sq. ft. and comes with automatic ignition and a large 140 lb. hopper something only the higher end stoves in general have. It retails for less then 2 grand.

 I imagine you are more well informed about the possible decision of purchasing a pellet stove  , and think that the more informed you are the less buyers remorse and issues you will have later on .


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