Experience Mad Men Streaming In Order On Your Own Laptop

If you want to watch Mad Men Streaming then it is now easier than ever. Just like with other similar shows, each episode is clearly laid out in order and separated into seasons. Since its launch in 2007, it has become a very popular and entertaining show.

Mad Men is indeed an addictive depiction of people living and working in 1960s America, specifically those who worked in the blossoming advertising industry as it was then. It especially follows the character Don Draper who is the creative director at the advertising agency.

It is a show which has received a lot of critical acclaim and won many prizes in the entertainement industry. These include Golden Globes for best television series and best actor and actress prizes. It has also won best international show from the British Academy film and television awards, as well a whole host of other prizes and awards, both as a series and for its individual cast members.

There has been a fair share of controversy surrounding the program, not least because of its depiction of the ‘real life’ of the 60s in America. This includes the smoking culture of the time and attitudes towards women and racist attitudes.

Many of the characters are shady, or at least on the grey side of life. The lead character has an extremely intriguing past which he tries to hide from those around him. Many of the other characters also have quite a hard time of things, including an unnoticed pregnancy, several divorces and affairs.

A lot of the viewing public are understandably quite shocked by the way that the characters treat each other in the show. There are some scenes of people with a racist attitude and also, of course sexist behavior. In the sixties women were seen as the ‘little woman’ and someone who either stays at home and cooks and cleans or has a secretarial role. Many viewers find it very hard to believe that such attitudes prevailed.

What is true is that this is a totally absorbing show. It is made much more real by using real life events of the day. In the same way the Forrest Gump turns up at key moments in history, some of the characters in this show go off to watch the Sonny Liston and Cassius Clay boxing match.

There is no better way to catch up than by viewing mad men streaming straight to your home pc. You can catch up on more than one episode at a time and need not miss a single rivetting moment.

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