Exinda WAN Optimization Technology Helps St. Bede’s College Control Student Internet Usage and Reduce Bandwidth Charges

“Our internet bandwidth usage used to be like an out-of-control school cafeteria. With no order or rules, the biggest, loudest and hungriest students or applications would shout their orders out of turn and devour all the available food or resources. The smallest or more timid students would go hungry. Exinda acts like the canteen supervisor. The Exinda WAN optimization solution sets rules, creates queues, silences the bullies and makes sure there is a fair and efficient distribution of resources for all.”–David Cracknell, IT Director, St. Bede’s College

The Challenge


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“We are part of the Catholic Education Network and leverage the online services they have available including the Schoolsnet Internet Network Administrator,” explains David Cracknell, IT Director, St. Bede’s. “Developed by Editure, the SINA provides email and Internet access, as well as myclassses,a virtual learning environment.”

“We pay for the SINA services through an incremental cost structure for bandwidth usage,” Cracknell continues. “If one of our students watches a video on YouTube, for example, the school has to pay for that bandwidth. The costs associated with our students’ bandwidth usage for downloads on the Internet were becoming a significant issue for us.”

The Solution


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“Previously, we used other tools for filtering and banning access to certain websites, but there were gaps in our security,” says Cracknell. “Students could bypass the filters using anonymous proxies, for instance. Exinda gives us much more granular control over students’activity on the network. Exinda also allows us to effectively block HTTP traffic that would have slipped past our filters.”

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“Our students were engaged in certain online activities that we didn’t want to eliminate entirely, but we certainly wanted to ensure they didn’t impact the performance of critical applications,” says Cracknell. “With Exinda, it is easy for us to control the availability of bandwidth for recreational use without having to resort to heavy-handed user restrictions.”

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“Exinda has helped us successfully bring the Web into the classroom,” Cracknell concludes.

“In addition to our costs coming down, the Exinda appliance also gives usthe peace-of-mind that our students are not accessing inappropriate or illegal content.”

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