Despite Having Plenty Of Competencies To Offer, Potential Employers Won’t Be Encouraged

I am in a tricky situation. I have to get a job very quickly. I have things on the go which will, I am positive, be fruitful in the extended term with doing affiliate marketing and the SEO which enhances the fishing website which I am operating. No, this isn’t the problem. What is, is the meantime which is near enough, by my calculations, now. My private funds have shrunk into the red area and this is why I have to have a job.

The challenge I have with that is that my talents are, to be brutal, useless to a future employer. I have stacks of them, don’t get me wrong, I know things and can do heaps of stuff perfectly well employing the knowledge I have. The trouble is that nearly all of the stuff of which I speak is self taught and not really been used commercially. Let me give an example.

In the spring of last year, I answered an advert at the Jobcentre Plus website advertising SEO, which wasn’t something I knew anything about, but that wasn’t a problem according to the ad. So I answered it and was rung by one of the directors of the business which was named Kalmindon Ltd (hopefully the day won’t arrive when you will be pleased I told you that). I arranged to meet him at a Job Centre just north of Birmingham and we talked more and I was extremely pleased with the guy who’s name is Jim Akin (see brackets above) and really wanted to work with him. I was required to pay for the training (as explained in the advert which was two and a half grand + VAT but as I had some money left to me from my late grandmother’s estate, I borrowed the money, met Jim again at a Job Centre in Leamington and gave it over. And since Jim and Kalmindon (jointly owned with his brother John, see previous 2 brackets) guaranteed paid work on completion at favourable rates, it wasn’t a risk.

When I got home, the training website was open for me and I got going. It took about six weeks to finish, a bit longer than I’d hoped but as I was closing towards the end, I emailed Jim to notify him I was almost ready for the first client he had guaranteed to supply. John Akin rang me a few days later to let me know that he was in the throes of getting the deal in place for my 1st client, but in the meantime I could get some practice by working on doing the SEO for a site they’d done for a client that had gone bankrupt but they were looking to sell it and the domain name. That was fine to do that and I went about doing real world SEO.

Anyway to cut a long story short, Kalmindon and Jim and John Akin were doing a con. There were no customers and never would be, the complete scheme was to get suckers to pay for an SEO training course and fob them off for as long as they were able. But in the meantime, reaching the realisation where I understood that I had been tricked had taken many months and during that time I had gone through an awful lot of my own money including nearly all of the money my grandmother had left me. I made an effort to arrange some freelance SEO employment for a while and promoted my own website that offers SEO, affiliate marketing services as well as IT support and software consultancy to small business in the Wolverhampton area.

As this was not working very fast I investigated affiliate marketing as a possibility and made a decision to have a go, set up a site and signed up for several affiliate marketing programmes and inserted firms with a maggot drowning theme on my site. So now I am creating the SEO and it is climbing rapidly up the search engine rankings but is not yet close to the top, so I have been doing pay-per-click advertising as well to bring in traffic in the meantime.

So you see I do not really have a great deal that a potential employer would see as regards SEO and say “that’s the fellow for us” as what I have is not real world experience and the same must be said for php programming and web construction skills because I taught myself when I had to learn them for something I was doing and have only very limited use in a commercial sense and the rest of my programming abilities were last used so long ago as to be totally distant now. And of course, I don’t have a degree. If I did of course, there’d be no problem because naturally I could do anything if I was a graduate, but it wasn’t crucial in the mid-80’s. All I can offer is experience and knowledge. If there’s no alternative, I’ll have to go on the game, get down to the docks and work my passage on board ship.


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