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Article about marketing

I assume you have heard of article marketing … But there again if you haven’t, it’s really easy.

Here is the basic principle of Article marketing, You would submit your articles to directories like EzineArticles, hope that a webmaster or website owner spots your article and publishes it on his website, then you sit around and wait for your backlinks from those articles to build up over an extended period of time, etc,etc. By following this guideline you will wait for ever to get any results thats assuming your article was accepted in the first place by both EZineArticles and the webmaster of the site who wants to use your article .

There is a much better way to do exactly the same thing, there is a new system developed by Brad Callen called Seolinkvine, he created a system which will allow webmasters and marketers to come together and build a very large blog network to enable SEO website link building through free unique article content and article submission but it was important that the method used was white hat, 100% ethical and most importantly Google and other search engines had to like the way it worked.

Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning forcing traffic to your websites is not fun, it’s very hard work spread over a long time and can become very irritating when your website sits unmoving on Googles page 10 for your vital keyphrase. Most people give up at this point and lots fall by the wayside never to try again. I know of a better way of improving your standing with the search engines that will and can place you on Googles page one and the answer is backlinks, I know I know I can hear you saying you have heard it all before… well Seolinkvine is a system that can generate thousands of backlinksfor your website by using automated article spinning and submission. The more back links you  have the higher you rank in Google, the higher your Google ranking the more traffic you will receive.

But, why do we write and submit articles to get back links?  We “hope”that other webmasters will see our carefully written articles in EzineArticles.com, take them and add them to their own websites… which keeping your fingers crossed then gives us one backlink to our website.

Google’s number one consideration in giving you a high ranking is getting a constant source of quality one way backlinks pointing at your website. The age of the websites domain does play a small part in the equation along with your choice of keyphrases and keywords in your title tag and meta description tag, but by far the overwhelming number one factor above all else is backlinks.

So, I can hear you say how do I get all the backlinks I need and fast? the answer is article marketing and I do not mean the slow plodding way as I described above through EzineArticles but through the turbo rocket powered system using the features available in seolinkvine.

Don’t forget seolinkvine is white hat, ethical and is NOT some quick get rich scheme that fades away at the first hurdle.

Article marketing requires you to do some work or find someone to do it for you, you will need to write one comprehensive article about your website working into the text your vital key phrases/keywords and links but once you have completed this basic base article and uploaded it, seolinkvines spin feature will automatically generate multiple unique versions of your base article.

  1. Write your article or have someone else write it for you like Articlez.com
  2. Add backlinks in your article for any phases or keywords that you want to promote
  3. Submit you new article to Seolinkvine
  4. Set up your article to allow spinning using the fantastic online editor
  5. That is all there is to it.

Seolinkvine takes articles, spins them and publishes it throughout the very large network of blogs, and start building for you quality one-way inbound backlinks, I can hear you saying this is too easy,why isn’t everyone using it?  Well up until now there has never been a large blog network of this magnitude available to everyone. The websites in the network are real sites owned by real people like us. The bloggers in the network want your new articles and unique content, they ask us to post your content to their blogs because they do not want to spend the time writing unique content. So it is a you win and a win situation for the blog owners and a win situation for you. Before we publish your articles, all the blogs are checked by us prior to accepting them into the network, if a blog is not up to standard it is rejected. So in the eyes of Google you can not get any more legitimate SEO than this, Seolinkvine links up people who want backlinks with those who need unique content and the whole system is automated.



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