You can find in this vexxhost reviews all you need to decide if this web hosting provider is suitable for your website or not.

Vexxhost Reviews
Vexxhost Reviews

VEXXHOST is a Canadian Web Hosting Provider based in Montreal, they are in business since 2006. They offer a full range of web hosting services starting from personal shared web hosting to super dedicated servers.

In this post I will highlight the main features of their web hosting environment and how this can effect hosting accounts hosted by them and how it effects VEXXHOST reviews.

Data centers: They are operating from two data centers in Montreal – their location make them ideal for hosting North America website as well as European websites. They also host successfully websites from all over the globe.

Network: VEXXHOST has their own high performance BGP network, it offers 100% up-time through its redundant Cisco Routers and premium network of internet providers.

Security: Access to any servers is strictly controlled with manned security on-site 24/7. All access & entrance points in the data center are monitored by a dedicated security consisting of individual card swipes; biometric scanners also a colored CCTV secure access.

Power: Their power switchgear can support 133% of the maximum power load in the data center. If the main power supply should fail for any reason, a series of 4 diesel generators kick in while power is switched to batteries till the diesel generators are ready, then the power switches over to the generators. Generators can run for 36 hours with on-site fuel loads without being refueled, they can also be refueled at anytime without having to shut them down.

Reliable Servers: all servers have Xeon Quad Core CPU’s that means they are using server hardware not like most other hosting who use desktop motherboards with desktop CPU’s. They also use ECC server RAM to make sure that servers will never have crashes due to RAM errors. And also all the hard drives they are using are enterprise quality which are conected in RAID 10 array for optimum redundancy and reliability.

Quality Software: VEXXHOST is using the best software on the market, all their servers are managed by a big cloud Citrix grid, Cpanel 11 is loaded on each server for high performance yet simple hosting features, R1Soft an enterprise backup system is used to backup the whole server grid every 3 hours. Fantactico for an easy installation on more than 50 important Internet applications. A web site builder to make it a child play to design a web site. and much more. All these features and software comes free with VEXXHOST shared and reseller web hosting. Many VEXXHOST reviews shows that customer are very happy with these features.

Unbeatable plans: All VEXXHOST shared and reseller plans are fully featured with all the requirements to start a fully functional website. most of them comes with free domain name and can host unlimited websites. Unlimited space and bandwidth is another feature differentiate VEXXHOST from other hosting providers. And by unlimited emails and MYSQL database you can have a high flexibility and can host very complex websites. Some VEXXHOST reviews shows that many customers like these plans ans happy with them.

Price: And lastly the pricing as all plans have affordable prices and their prices can not be beaten by any other hosting company. The beautiful thing about vexxhost is you get the service really cheap but still of a very high quality.

To visit VEXXHOST.COM Web Site use this URL (

Hope this VEXXHOST reviews make it easy for you to decide about the hosting you need.

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