Good offers on cloud virtual dedicated servers

As a celebration of the grant opening the second data center, VEXXHOST Web Hosting provider announced a great discount on its cloud dedicated virtual servers. the prices start at $99.00 for high range xeon super servers with 5 GB RAM and more.

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Picking the Best Cloud Partner
With any new concept there is often a rush to deployment followed by a massive amount of regret because too many firms, service providers, and hardware vendors are learning on the job.  In picking a partner to help you make your decision you should concentrate on a number of factors:  real experience, self-confidence in their own capability, knowledge about your company and industry, tested responsiveness to issues, and guarantees that you will get an experienced team.

Traditional Dedicated Hosting vs. Private Cloud Hosting
This video provides a quick overview of the difference between a traditional dedicated hosting environment and one that utilizes private cloud technology to optimize floorspace, operational efficiency, and flexibility.

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing — agloriousfuture
Once a term only used by governments, cloud hosting is making its way to businesses both large and small. According to Wikipedia, cloud computing “is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are

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