Your Not Cool Without The Apple Ipad

Gadget freaks pay attention. The latest in techno cool has arrived and if you’re out of the loop well you better get reconnected. The must have gadget of the season, hands down, is the Apple iPad.

Apple has led the charge in technological innovation. Their latest gadget has a 9.2-inch diagonal screen, making it perfect for easy viewing. With its large size you may expect it be weigh a lot, but you’d be wrong. It comes in at a pound and a half and has a thickness of just half an inch. And the powerful battery holds a ten hour charge, so you won’t be interrupted while it’s in use.

The touch responsive software found in the iPod Touch and iPhone re-emerges in the iPad, only it’s been re engineered to be much more precise. Now typing and selecting different functions is easier.

The many different functions are what make the device so revolutionary. It can be used as a tablet computer. Easily check your e-mail or surf the internet using a mobile company’s 3G data network, or us the built-in wi-fi for quick access to everything online.

If you’re familiar with Apple products then you know about the app store. This is the online store you visit to download all the hottest games, unique applications, or the new movies you want to see on your machine. You can do all sorts of things, like paint with your fingers or practice your instrument on a virtual piano keyboard. Whatever you can think of there is probably an application that does it.

Are you a book reader? This device is an eReader, too. Just download the free iBook application and you’ll be able to download and view your favourite novels right on the screen. And instead of turning pages, just swipe your finger across the display and you’re on the next page.

What can often be overlooked with new gadgets is accessibility. Many people in the population suffer from different disabilities. The device comes with a variety of universal access based features so that those with a physical or learning disability, or are hearing or vision impaired can use it right out of the box with no need to download additional ease of use software.

The on screen keyboard can be used to work the machine just like a laptop, and it hides away when you don’t need it. But if you prefer the feel of a real one, a wireless or docking keyboard can be purchased. Other available accessories include a camera kit so you can download photos directly to your machine, ear buds for listening to music, and a protective case to keep your device safe.

Don’t be fooled. The Apple iPad is not all play and no work. Not only can you type up documents, also create full colour presentations, manage and make spreadsheets, and do any number of business oriented things on this great device.

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